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Grinding Away…

Some progress on a current project… The blade started with some nasty surface rust and overall crappiness…eventually I got it to a mirror finish.  In the second picture, I planned out some metal removal per the customer’s request..and finally in the third pic you can see my progress about 2 hours in. I’m not done […]

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I made a boo-boo

So, yeah…  should I describe what I did?  Or will a picture suffice? 🙂  About the only thing I can say I am happy about is…I did this to one of my own..and not one of my customer’s I was attempting to fix a bent tang in my vice… unfortunately I don’t think I put […]

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Overhauling my site

I’ve been working on overhauling my site. I’m migrating to WordPress. One of the things I intend on adding is a web-accessible queue where everyone can see my current projects and each time I complete them, see their razor move up. Should be kind of neat watching your razor get further and further towards completion […]

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Work Update

Going good.  about 10 razors in my queue.  Next up is a few from SRP username “bulldog”.  3 razors, one of them is getting the full 9 yards.

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