Sapone Di Paolo Artisan After Shave Balm, 4oz, Cremoso (Creamy)

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Product Description

When you are done shaving, the aftershave balm will soothe your face even further and keep your skin comfortable and hydrated all day. It’s formulated to absorb quickly without feeling greasy. The scent is the same blend that is in the soap. Clean and fresh!

A little goes a very long way! A pea sized amount on your finger is enough to cover your entire face.

4 ounces.

Ingredients: Distilled water, Grapeseed oil, Apricot Kernal oil, Emulsifying wax, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.

1 review for Sapone Di Paolo Artisan After Shave Balm, 4oz, Cremoso (Creamy)

  1. 4 out of 5


    I purchased this after shave along with the matching shave soap, and although the soap is one of the best I have ever used, if not the absolute best, this after shave falls slightly short. The first thing to notice is that the texture of this is very similar to a dry lotion, if that makes sense. It is not at all what I would call a balm. It looks, and feels like a face lotion rather than an after shave. Also, a little goes a very long way. It is a good value because this one bottle should last a very long time. If you use too much, like I did the first time, it goes on in smears, and you end up having to wipe off the excess as it will not absorb into your skin. If you use the proper amount it absorbs just fine, and works really well to calm down the skin after a shave. It stays slightly moist for a short time, but then dries, kind of like any other lotion. It does not feel greasy once dry. There is no menthol, or astringent quality, so your face will feel moisturized rather than braced. The main thing I have an issue with is the scent. The soap version of this smells like heaven on earth. Fresh baked oatmeal cookies with a touch of cinnamon right from the oven. The after shave, although technically the same scent profile, smells a lot like tanning lotion. In fact, when I opened the shave soap my wife could not stop going on about how great it smelled, but when I got done with my shave and applied the after shave she asked me if I put on a bunch of sun tan lotion, and she was not making a joke. It is not that I don’t like the smell of suntan lotion, it is just very different from the shave soap scent. The other thing you need to know is that the scent lasts all day. It will definitely compete with any cologne you may use. Again, if you like this scent, you will be happy with this after shave. So there it is. The soap is basically a perfect 10 in my opinion, and the after shave works really well if you use the right amount, and like the scent enough to stick with you the whole day. I would put the after shave at about a 7.

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