Siliski Soaps Artisan Shaving Soap Samples, 2oz Pucks


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This is the same shaving soap we sell in 2 oz sample pucks.

The backbone of our soap comes from our use of Cocoa butter.  Cocoa butter is one of the highest sources of palm free stearic acid, even more than tallow, making our soap one of the creamiest, fastest lathering soaps on the market.  To perfect this unique recipe we blend Mango and shea butters and a touch of castor oil, for balance and conditioning.  Then Sodium lactate, to act as a lather booster and humectant.  Finally, cruelty free silk is added to further increase and improve the lather, providing a “super-slick” feel.  All together this soap makes for one hell of a great shave.

Ingredients: Saponified cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter, castor oil, essential/fragrance oils, sodium lactate, tussah silk


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