Tallow + Steel “Boreal” Shaving Soap, 4oz

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Artisan Made in Canada

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Product Description

Made with pasture-raised tallow  and  100% essential oils

Venture into the wilderness with a fresh, woodsy scent of the Boreal Forest – one which evokes freedom, and a return to man’s roots. The vast expanse of the Canadian wilderness has an unmistakable fragrance to it—nothing compares to the richly wild scent of the forest after rainfall, when the air becomes thick with a mixture of competing smells.

Made from rare essential oils sourced deep from within the Boreal forest of Canada, the resinous woodsy scent of Canadian cedarwood and balsam fir, parallels those of sweet birch, spruce and monarda – a rare fragrant Boreal plant.

Boreal captures the crunch of the branch underfoot, the sweet musk of the crisp autumn air: a blast of earthy freshness. this is a blend that puts you in the heart of an ancient forest, no matter where you are.

Cedarwood + Cedar leaf + Birch + Balsam fir + White spruce + Black spruce + Monarda

10% of profits from Boreal are donated to nature Canada, an organization dedicated to protecting Canada’s parks and wildlife.

Additional Information


stearic acid, water, organic glycerin, potassium hydroxide,
tallow (pasture-raised), essential oils, organic argan oil,
organic pomegranate seed oil, organic macadamia nut oil,
organic coconut oil, organic avocado oil, organic castor
oil, bentonite clay, organic tamanu oil, vitamin e, silk

3 reviews for Tallow + Steel “Boreal” Shaving Soap, 4oz

  1. 4 out of 5


    This is my first T+S soap. It’s a very good performer, lathering fairly easy. I find the formula to be a bit on the thirsty side, having to relather part-way through my shave, but I don’t mind this at all.

    The scent is quite unique. The soap smelled very “sappy” to me, in a good way. Imagine cupping a handful of freshly plucked cedar, and holding it up to your face. It’s definitely “resinous,” as outlined in the product description. The scent is reminiscent of L&L After the Rain, but much more potent. Post-shave feel was great. My face felt awesome but the scent had almost no longevity for me, which is too bad since I really like the scent.

    The biggest sticking point of this soap is the price. For me, $24.00 is fairly steep, especially when accounting for shipping. This is a great soap and I am glad to have it but I’d be hard-pressed to buy another T+S soap for the price.

  2. 5 out of 5


    The performance of the soap is phenomenal! The scent is exactly what I’d imagine walking through a chilly Canadian forest would be like.

    If you look at the quality ingredient list and the charitable contributions of Tallow + Steel then you will see the soap is well priced. The performance and scent alone are worth every penny!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Outstanding shave soap it’s made with the finest natural ingredients and has a great green/woods scent which is probably one of the best smelling soap i’ve tried.

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