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Article about razor restoration

A Razor Restoration in Pictures

A customer asked me to document his restoration.  Razor just needs to be honed now.  Pictures are in order from start to finish.  Customer asked to save the etchings and stamp, so, I had to tread lightly.  There was also a VERY nasty pit on the back side that might have destroyed the blade if […]

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Custom Spinework

Here are a few photographs of some spinework I did on a razor free-hand with a dremel. Normally, spine work is done with files, before the steel is hardened. Once it has been hardened, the only way to remove steel is with grinding wheels.. files don’t work very well. It really looks neat in person

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Grinding Away…

Some progress on a current project… The blade started with some nasty surface rust and overall crappiness…eventually I got it to a mirror finish.  In the second picture, I planned out some metal removal per the customer’s request..and finally in the third pic you can see my progress about 2 hours in. I’m not done […]

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