Maggard in the Media

2018 – December:  Rough and Tumble Gentleman

2017 – May:  Adrian, Michigan newspaper, “The Daily Telegram”

2015 – March:     Adrian, Michigan blog, “Adrian Today”

2013 – January:     Adrian, Michigan newspaper, “The Daily Telegram”



2 Responses to “Maggard in the Media”

  1. Louis Miller March 16, 2019 at 9:34 am #

    Media? What media? Media is so old Skool. So, 20th century. Youtube is media. I just looked at your youtube channel. Not much activity. Do you want to introduce people to your in house safety razors and heads? Or just tell them you run an honest business and talk a little about the hobby. If people are going to shave anyway, for want or need, then they might as well enjoy it. Or each of the owners could do a video about their favorite products.

  2. Achim May 3, 2016 at 9:59 am #

    Hello wet shaver’s. Over the last 6-8 month’s I bought few MAGGARD shaver’s and their service it simply outstanding. Fast, accurate. I currently received a MRT-handle with the 3VA-head, A POWER DWARF. Usually believing razor’s being heavier and longer handles are better, this small beast evidences the opposite. It’s lightweight, yet hefty grip and the V3A head is amongst the most efficient one’s on the market. With a feather blade inside, I expected a blood bath. But not at all. This small beast is so easy to turn around your face, so grippy, I think it gave me the best BBS shave I ever encountered in 20yrs experience. It’s pretty close to a straight razor, but far less dangereous. Just my opinion, cheerio.

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