444 Aftershave Balm, 37g Tube

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Made in Portugal

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Product Description

A cool, crisp, menthol aftershave balm.

Ingredients: glycerin, menthol, distilled water, carboxivinil resin and disoproprilamin

Made in Portugal

1 review for 444 Aftershave Balm, 37g Tube

  1. 3 out of 5


    This is an interesting aftershave. I don’t know that I’d call it a balm rather a thick gel.
    I’ve seen people who say they mixed it with a little bit of water. I applied it first and it felt way too thick so with a little water it did feel better. It also made it a little colder since I definitely got a burst of menthol. It calmed down after a few minutes and was noticeable for maybe 20-25 minutes but that menthol scent faded after a few minutes.
    My face does feel very nice after using it even though I didn’t know if my skin would absorb it (it did after a little while).
    I didn’t pay attention to the size on here so it is pretty small but I didn’t need to use much. I’ll finish it out but probably won’t get it again. It does enough of a job but nothing outstanding.

    Nice post face feel
    Good quick menthol blast
    A little goes a long way

    Needs to mix maybe with water otherwise may be too thick
    only noticeable about 20-25 mins
    scent fades quick but it’s basically just menthol

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