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Abbate Y La Mantia Crumiro Cologne, 200ml


Made in Italy

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Product Description

A cologne differs from an aftershave or a scented water by incorporating not a single tone fragrance, but a set of several olfactory notes, often distant, which evoke a main chord. In this case: JUST BAKED COOKIE

Top notes (the most volatile and immediate): A biscuit that is not sweet, but citrus and a pleasant burnt wheat.
Middle Notes (slower, but more persistent): A cookie would be too sweet and monotonous without a spice bath that makes it an ancient food.
Base notes (those that support and bind): To support a gourmand pyramid you need sugary base notes, but as bitter as possible: a burnt musk, a vanilla bean peel, the bitter shell of the Tonka bean and sugar overcooked and brought to caramel.


Capacity: 200ml / 6.76oz


Additional Information


Water, Alcohol *, Parfum **.
* not ethyl, but from wheat fermentation
** hypoallergenic.


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