Above the Tie Atlas and Kronos 7 Piece Razor Set


Made in USA

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Product Description

the Stainless Steel Seven Piece Safety Razor Combo Set, hand crafted from solid 303 stainless steel here in the USA.

The set includes one Kronos and one Atlas Handle, two caps and three base plates (M1, R1, H1). This collection will provide you with many combinations that will fulfill any wet shavers needs and all in stainless.
Atlas:The Atlas handle with the classic “Barber Pole” look is 3″ long and weighs 56 grams.
Kronos:The Kronos handle is 3½” long and weighs 71 grams.

H1 :The H1 Base Plate is the most aggressive of the solid bar line with a .91 mm blade gap.
R1 :The R1 Base Plate is the mid aggressive and most versatile of the solid bar line with a .58 mm blade gap.
M1 :The M1 Base Plate is the mildest and most gentle of the solid bar line with a .25 mm blade gap.

2 Caps are also included, creating 2 complete razors and 6 combinations.

When assembled:
The Atlas razor weighs in at 94 grams, total length is 3¼”
The Kronos razor weighs in at 109 grams, total length is 3¾”

These base plates will provide the blade gap you need no matter what kind of beard you have. These tools are wonderfully machined with very tight tolerances. The blade seats precisely in the head with symmetrical blade exposure.

The Kronos and Atlas razors are easy to master; the shave angle is very intuitive. In addition these razors “sings” like no other. This audible feedback is helpful in maintaining a proper shave angle. These are all very efficient yet smooth shavers.

The Kronos, and Atlas handles also fit the following; Weber, Tradede OC, Goodfella, Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Gillette Old Type and Tech heads.


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