Above the Tie Bamboo SE1 Aluminum Single Edge Safety Razor

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Hand crafted from solid 7075 aircraft grade aluminum in the USA.

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Product Description

Product Description

Above the Tie is proud to offer the Bamboo SE1 – Aluminum Single Edge Safety Razor, hand crafted from solid 7075 aircraft grade aluminum here in the USA. Fully machined to the same impressive specks as our stainless steel line of razors. Experience the quality, efficiency and reliability of an Above the Tie razor for a lot less money.

Bamboo: The Bamboo handle is 3½” long and weighs 21 grams. The handle has a nice matte finish, providing a secure grip without the need for knurling.

SE1: The SE Base Plate is a mid aggressive, versatile, and smooth shaver, weighing in at 18 grams.  The SE1 Head uses Feather Artist Club & Kai Captain blades.

When assembled, the Bamboo SE1 weighs in at 39 grams, total length is 3¾”.

This tool is wonderfully machined with very tight tolerances. The blade seats precisely in the head with symmetrical blade exposure. This razor is easy to master because the shave angle is very intuitive. The Aluminum Single Edge Safety Razor is a very efficient yet smooth shaver.



1 review for Above the Tie Bamboo SE1 Aluminum Single Edge Safety Razor

  1. 5 out of 5


    Bought this Awesome single edge razor with no doubt it would be great, I just dint know how great it was. Well lets just say, I own many safety razors and alot of single edge ones new, and old. This is the best one I have ever used! It is the perfect aggressiveness, and as comfortable as it could ever be. I use it quite a bit since I switch razors on the fly, or on how I’m feeling that day. I love this razor! It is one of My favorite safety razors I own, and without a doubt my favorite SE razor of my whole collection. Also I love the fact that it is made in the GOOD OLD U.S.A.! Thanks Maggard Razors for carrying such good quality products! And for being such a great store and being such great people!

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