Australian Private Reserve Fenchurch Shaving Soap, 125g

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Product of Australia!

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Product Description

Fenchurch is a skillfully textured, masculine composition built on an indulgent base that is encompassing, refined and luxurious.

A note of important documents, paper and velum. Warm balsams meet sweet vanilla, while potent animal musk accents fragrant patchouli and opulent tuberose to establish a solid foundation. We don’t do compromise.

Beautiful leathers, both old and new sit atop the base notes defining layers of texture and experience, sweet tobacco flower is in accord with dark tobacco leaf. Fenchurch explores the many varieties of fine things.

Whiskey completes the proceedings with the narcotic notes of Heliotropin and nuances of sweet plum.

Top Notes Include: Whiskey, Heliotrope & Dark Plum

Heart Notes Include: Leathers, Suede, Tobacco Flower & Dark Tobacco Leaf

Base Notes Include:  Papyrus, Benzoin, Labdanum, Vanilla, Animal Musk, Patchouli & Tuberose

Net Weight: 125g

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Aqua, Glycerin, Beef Tallow, Potassium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxide, Lanolin, Allantoin, Citric Acid, Silk Protein

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Stearic Acid, Aqua, Glycerin, Beef Tallow, Potassium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxide, Lanolin, Allantoin, Citric Acid, Silk Protein

5 reviews for Australian Private Reserve Fenchurch Shaving Soap, 125g

  1. 4 out of 5


    3 stars for scent and 5 for performance. Let me explain. Scent is very subjective, so don’t make up your mind based only on my underwhelming experience, yours is probably different. The other reviewers praising the scent prove this. Here’s why I myself don’t enjoy the scent: The soap smells like Play-Doh to me. (Or possibly an off-brand version, I’m not sure what I had as a child.) I’ve tried very hard to smell something different, but I can’t. Oh, well. The performance is absolutely top notch: Easy to lather (easier than Stirling and B&M) and generates a thick, heavy, creamy, slimy, slick lather (aka lather porn) that protects your skin very well. My skin feels better after shaving with this soap than it did before.

    My recommendation: Do yourself a favor and buy one of APR’s soaps, they are fantastic. If you don’t know much about scents and scent notes like me and you don’t like Play-Doh, maybe go for another scent option, just to be safe. If you have reason to believe that this scent is right up your alley, go for it!

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is the first APR soap I tried, and I must say, it lives up to the hype. This F2 soap base is fairly easy to load and lather. Lather is very slick, with great residual slickness. It does not leave my face dry. Overall, two thumps up on the performance.

    But the scent is, in my opinion, APR’s main thing. This is a very nice intoxicating, pipe-tobacco like scent. It reminds me of a pipe tobacco called “The flying Dutchman” that I used to enjoy a lot. Scent is not at all like ashtray tobacco, more like semi-sweet tobacco. Scent strength is mid-strong. Overall, very impressed.

    One issue I have is the shape of the tub – I prefer tubs where the opening is equal/larger than the inner dia. With Apr, opening is small and I find it a bit difficult to clean the top layer after lathering.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Fenchurch is a complex scent in a great soap base (underrated IMO). The EdP is on my wishlist. (I have had a very different experience than the reviewer there.) I wish I could describe the notes of Fenchurch in more detail, but it is a really unique and well-done scent, and versatile too—I would wear it out or to work.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Tried this soap this morning with a new Nacet in my AS-D2 and was thoroughly impressed. No razor burn at all. Can’t wait to shave with it again!

  5. 5 out of 5


    This soap is fantastic: lather easily , great protection on the skin and fantastic after shaving. No need of

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