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Blackland Blackbird, Solid Brass Open Comb DE Safety Razor, 85mm Handle

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Made in the USA

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Product Description

The Blackbird double-edge razor in solid brass. Proudly designed and machined in the United States.

Note: These razors are untreated, raw brass. They will tarnish and develop a patina. Small amounts of tarnish may be visible upon delivery.

Includes five(5) Personna Lab Blue double-edge blades, made in the USA.


The Blackbird is a modern, double-edge safety razor designed, machined, and finished in the United States. With looks inspired by the iconic SR-71 “Blackbird” reconnaissance aircraft, the Blackbird razor is as visually striking as it is functional. Each of the Blackbird’s three pieces is machined from solid 303 stainless steel or solid brass to astoundingly tight tolerances, delivering exceptionally close and consistent shaves.

Open comb

The open comb base plate is designed to maximize the efficiency and closeness of your shave. The comb teeth allow for greater lather flow and make it almost impervious to clogging. This style excels at cutting through thick or long stubble and is perfect for those with coarse beard types.

Caring for your Blackbird.

The Blackbird is robustly built and will last many lifetimes with basic care. While stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, it is not immune. Tea staining or surface corrosion can occur when wet blades are stored in the razor. We recommend loosening the handle of your Blackbird in between shaves to allow the blade and razor to fully dry, preventing corrosion.

Clean your razor occasionally with a mild soap and soft cloth. We do not recommend scrubbing the razor with a coarse towel or bristled brush as it may damage the polished and black oxide finishes.

Additional Information


Aggressiveness: Safety Bar – 7. Open Comb – 7.5
Ideal shaving angle: 18-35°
Weight: 85mm – 103.5g 101mm – 116.5g
Handle length: 85mm or 101mm
Material: Brass
Machining: Illinois
Finishing: California and Ohio
Packaging: Indiana and Ohio

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I found one of these at antique shop of all places for 5 bucks! there is NOTHING better in my honest opinion…

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