Blackland Dart Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor, Safety Bar Head

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Made in the USA

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Product Description

The Dart double-edge razor. Proudly designed and machined in the United States.

Includes five(5) Personna Lab Blue double-edge blades, made in the USA.


The Dart is a modern, double-edge safety razor designed, machined, and finished in the United States. We designed the Dart from scratch to be an efficient, smooth shaver at an approachable price point. The Dart has just the right amount of blade feel while still being comfortable enough to be a daily driver. Each of the Dart’s three pieces is machined from solid 303 stainless steel to astoundingly tight tolerances, delivering exceptionally close and consistent shaves.


Aggressiveness: 6/10
Ideal shaving angle: 30°
Weight: 99.5g, Head: 29g, Handle: 70.5
Handle length: 92mm
Material: 303 Stainless Steel
Machining: Illinois
Finishing: California and Ohio
Packaging: Indiana and Ohio

Caring for your Dart.

The Dart is robustly built and will last many lifetimes with basic care. While stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, it is not immune. Tea staining or surface corrosion can occur when wet blades are stored in the razor. We recommend loosening the handle of your Dart in between shaves to allow the blade and razor to fully dry, preventing corrosion.

Clean your razor occasionally with a mild soap and soft cloth. We do not recommend scrubbing the razor with a coarse towel or bristled brush as it may damage the finish.

Additional Information


Aggressiveness: 6/10
Ideal shaving angle: 30°
Weight: 99.5g, Head: 29g, Handle: 70.5
Handle length: 92mm
Material: 303 Stainless Steel

9 reviews for Blackland Dart Stainless Steel DE Safety Razor, Safety Bar Head

  1. 5 out of 5


    First-rate razor that is unbelievably priced. If this were twice the price it would be worth it. I have Above the Tie razors, Timeless, a Wolfman, I had a Pils, a Mongoose, etc. The Dart is as good as any I’ve used. Seriously.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I like this razor a lot, cosmetically. It looks beautiful in all its machined glory. However, I am a beginner and thought I was getting the hang of DE shaving after using a Jagger 89 for a few weeks. Well, this Blackland has snapped me back into reality, and it is much too aggressive for me. I kind of thought I could find a blade that would tone it down some, but after trying a Derby and a 7’oclock, it’s still too harsh for my face and lack of good technique. This is not a criticism of the razor, just a warning for newbies.

    I do want to mention something that others might find interesting. I had read a few reviews online that I think said that the handle was “proprietary,” i.e. that it was not interchangeable with other 3-piece razor handles. Well, I tried it on my Jagger and it screwed in fine. I may be mixing this up with reviews for another all-stainless razor which is proprietary, but at least I can tell you that the Blackland handle is standard. So that’s a good thing.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I would not give a review after 1 shave. But this one has blown me off in just single shave. I was apprehensive after I saw people equating the aggression to R41, but this one is totally different. Its pure efficiency when it comes to this razor. I finished up in 1 pass, instead of my usual 2. I tried a milder version of personna today, but it cut through like butter. And more importantly, no weepers on my sensitive skin. Brilliant results!
    Extremely happy with purchase.
    This one is a keeper.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Glad I upgraded to a Dart. I considered many razors before finally choosing the Dart. I am very satisfied as you can see by my five stars. I am an experienced shaver using a Jagger 89 and this new razor took me about 2 – 3 shaves to get a handle on it. I found that Feather blades may be too aggressive in the Dart for me. The Astra blade was excellent. Reviews on this website helped me in the selection along with help from Brad and Jerick with my order. Maggard gives great service and I am glad that I found the site.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I was so suprised by this razor, i own just about every high end razor on the market excluding a wolfman and this dart honestly holds its own. I seen so many mixed reviews online and i realize everyone has a different face but i read a lot of reviews with people comparing this to a r41 and i couldnt disagree more. I thought this razor was extremely smooth i was never in fear of being cut, there is just enough blade feel to help with the shaving angle and the audible feedback is amazing. I also have the blackbird oc which i love but if i could only have one id pick the dart. The blackbird is extremely efficient but has very little blade feel and allthough i absolutely love my blackbird i prefer a razor with a little blade feel so i know where im at. Im very very pleased with this razor and blackland razors in general. And excellent service from maggard as always.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Excellent quality and a steal at this price. Weight is evenly distributed and the blade is held rigidly, without any play. The angle for me is around 45* (no cap riding with this one). Feels very nice in your hand and looks amazing on display. One of only three stainless razors I own. Worth every penny.

  7. 5 out of 5


    I was fortunate to be able to make a trip into Maggard’s store recently. Everyone was great!

    This razor is beautifully made, no question. Very precise with high tolerances. As for the shave, I find it to be between an 8 and 9 in aggressiveness.

    This is not a razor I can use as a daily driver. I have both a Schone with a 1st gen Fatip head and a Muhle R41. I put the aggressiveness of this razor higher than those two. With those 2 razors I can put in a Pol Silver blade and get a very close, comfortable and irritation free shave. Not with this one. Of the blades I have tried, the Gillette Platinum’s seem to be the best. I get the least amount of irritation and that blade with this razor will mow down anything in it’s way. This razor is great if I have about a 3 day beard that needs to come off. Then this would be the razor I would reach for.

    Having said all that I still give it 5 stars. The fit and finish are flawless and it is an outstanding razor.

  8. 5 out of 5


    I put this guy at a 7 out of 10 for aggressiveness. For my skin, he’s too aggressive if I use my normal razor angles (maybe 30-35 degrees). However, I learned to bring the handle in to my face a little, and it changed it to a very comfortable cutter that gives no irritation. I used it every day for a month and I had no problem at all.

    The workmanship is great. You get to save a little money with it because he leaves some machining marks for this version. You can polish it up yourself if you want.

    The handle is very grippy, even when wet and soapy. And the flange at the end, which I didn’t like the aesthetics of at first, is very nice when I hold it by the end to get the corners of my neck. I found the razor to be much better looking in person than when viewed via the pictures.

    I found this one’s brother, the Blackbird, a bit too aggressive for me. But this fella is less so, and at a great place for me, when I feel like an aggressive, efficient razor.

    And Shane, the maker, is wonderful to deal with.

  9. 5 out of 5


    In my opinion, this razor is out of this world. I’m a DE head shaver who prefers very efficient razors, and this Dart razor is insanely good. The weight and balance is excellent, the handle has good grip, and the head design makes it very intuitive. I think it’s just as efficient as Timeless’ .95mm base plates or the ATT H1, and the Dart is just as smooth or even smoother. At $99, this is a steal!

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