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Blackland Sabre Stainless Steel Single Edge GEM Razor, L2 Base Plate


Made in the USA

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Product Description

The Sabre single-edge GEM razor. Proudly designed and machined in the United States.

This is a machined razor comes with the Level Two base plate with a gap of 0.9mm. Includes three (3) Personna GEM PTFE-coated stainless steel blades.

Level Two Base Plate

We took the same smooth shave of the Level One base plate and stepped it up a notch. The Level Two base plate features a blade gap of 0.9mm and a shorter safety bar to increase both blade exposure and blade feel. The result is a razor that is highly efficient without sacrificing the smoothness that makes the Sabre such an incredible razor. Level Two is the right choice for those will coarse, thick beards, or a preference for mid-aggressive razors.


The Sabre could not be easier to assemble. Simply slide the base plate onto the top cap and carefully line up the handle before threading on. That’s it. No mechanisms to wear out and no extra parts to drop down the sink.


The Sabre is a modern three-piece safety razor that uses the single-edge GEM blade. It is designed, machined, and finished entirely in the United States. By using a modified threaded top cap, the Sabre assembles like a standard three-piece safety razor and is compatible with standard safety razor handles. Each of the Sabre’s three pieces is machined from solid 303 stainless steel to astoundingly tight tolerances, delivering exceptionally close and consistent shaves.

When designing the Sabre we were committed to making a maneuverable and balanced head. Rather than use a spring-loaded top cap to hold the blade in place as older GEM razors did, we decided to use a modified threaded post to hold the blade as tightly as possible. This makes the Sabre a true three-piece safety razor that requires no extra parts to function properly. Due to the length of the GEM blade, positioning the post behind the blade creates an unacceptably unwieldy and front-heavy razor. By modifying a standard post we were able to make the Sabre head as small and maneuverable as possible while maintaining perfect balance. The result is a wonderfully smooth razor that is a joy to use.

Machined Finish

The machined finish Sabre proudly shows off the markings created during the process of machining each razor. The intricate, carefully-planned patterns left in the surface tell the story of the Sabre’s journey from solid steel to finished product.

Caring for your Blackbird.

The Blackbird is robustly built and will last many lifetimes with basic care. While stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, it is not immune. Tea staining or surface corrosion can occur when wet blades are stored in the razor. We recommend loosening the handle of your Blackbird in between shaves to allow the blade and razor to fully dry, preventing corrosion.

Clean your razor occasionally with a mild soap and soft cloth. We do not recommend scrubbing the razor with a coarse towel or bristled brush as it may damage the polished and black oxide finishes.

Additional Information


Aggressiveness: Level One – 4/10. Level Two – 5.5/10
Blade gap: Level One – 0.6mm. Level Two – 0.9mm
Ideal shaving angle: 20-40°
Weight: 111g, Head: 33g
Handle length: 85mm
Material: 303 Stainless Steel
Machining: Illinois
Finishing: Ohio


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