Boker 140547 Pearl Tang 6/8 Square Point Straight Razor, Professionally Honed

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Made in Germany

Square Point 6/8

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Product Description

I have professionally sharpened each of these razors and performed a shave test.  These razors are SHAVE READY.  The razor will be pre- stropped and oiled – just wipe off the oil and shave!!!

Note: These are honed to order, there will be a brief delay in shipping in order to prepare the razor.

Includes:  Razor, Display/Storage Box, Instructions/paperwork.

Description from Boker:


In the good old days, even serial-manufactured goods for everyday use put a premium on little details and an overall aesthetic approach. Today, this beautiful virtue has mainly fallen victim to cost-cutting and a fast-paced society. Only a few are unreasonable enough to ignore these practical economic constraints. In our 1906 catalogue, many straight razors were offered with a “Pearl Scale Tang”.

For this feature, two thin scales of natural materials, e.g. mother-of-pearl or camel bone, are affixed to the tapered tang. Using various sanding belts, the natural material is manually leveled to fit the tang until a seamless, elegant joint is formed. This process must be handled very delicately to protect the precious natural material from damage. The result is a tang that is pleasantly smooth and warm to the touch and has a sophisticated, nostalgic look. In our manufactory, we were able to recreate the difficult combination of thinly ground tang and perfectly fitted mother-of-pearl scales.

The special blade finish of the straight razors with pearl scale tang also sets these razors apart from the rest of our product range. Being an utterly fascinating material, steel has a natural silky shine that is fully brought out by gentle polishing. Comes with historic packaging and a certificate of authenticity.

This variation of the 6/8″ blade has handle scales of stabilized bog oak. Oak trunks are found in bogs, swamps, on riverbanks and lake shores, where they have been submerged for several centuries or even millennia. The tang with real mother-of-pearl scales creates an appealing contrast to the dark bog oak. The square point blade with a double line has an extra hollow grind with a ridge. The spine has fine laser engraving.

Additional Information


Type: Straight Razor

Blade Material: Carbon Steel

Handle Material: Bog Oak Wood

Pearl Scale Tang

Point: Square Point

Inch: 6/8

Processing: 24 Karat Gold



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