Boker 20mm Black Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush by Muhle

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Made in Germany by Muehle for Boker USA

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Product Description

We are excited to stock Boker’s newest brush offerings.  these are synthetic fiber brushes made in the Muhle Factory for Boker USA.  They use the same exact synthetic fibers as Muhle uses in their brushes.  The thing we are most excited about is that the pricing is much more reasonable.  Finally – a way to get Muhle brushes for a similar price to their pricing in Europe without waiting for overseas shipping!

Boker Model number:        04BO125
Knot Diameter:                    20mm
Brush height (approx):      102mm

This purely vegan quality has been developed especially for wet shaving.  Its dark color and softness are similar to the synthetic fibers of natural hair material, giving it equally impressive performance characteristics.  Some users prefer this material because it easily and economically creates an especially creamy shaving lather.   Weight: 1.9 oz. 

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4 reviews for Boker 20mm Black Synthetic Fiber Shaving Brush by Muhle

  1. 3 out of 5


    I *really* wanted to love this brush as I’d rather not buy badger anymore.

    First, the pros:

    The handle is wonderful. It’s very heavy (almost too heavy), looks fabulous, and feels great in the hand. It’s a bit slick, but that’s not a big deal to me.

    The brush feels fantastic. It’s the softest, smoothest brush I own (out of eight). It feels like a fine makeup brush. It has none of the prickliness that many badger brushes exhibit.

    It lathers very well. The floppiness people talk about is there, but not a big concern for me. The biggest issue about that is that due to the heavy handle, it won’t sit upright in a bowl and then slides down into the lather. Suddenly the slippery handle covered with slippery lather becomes a problem.

    The biggest con for me is the fact that though it lathers fine, it doesn’t hold onto that lather. When I’m swirling this great feeling brush on my face, lather flies everywhere. If I make a point of slowing down, then the lather just drips off of the brush. Sadly, that means that this brush will end up sitting on the shelf while I use other more usable brushes in its stead.

    If Boker made this handle in other variants, I’d likely jump on them because I really love the handle.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I just got this brush today so this is an initial review. The handle has a really nice weight. It lathered up very quickly with my shave soap(Trade Winds) and held enough for my standard 3 passes. It is also aesthetically pleasing.

  3. 3 out of 5


    I review this with the caveat that it is my first synthetic brush all past experiences have been with Boar/Badger/Horse.

    I really wish I could love this brush I had such high hopes, but to me it is severely limited in what it can do. The Boker is a beautiful looking piece of hardware witch great weight and balance; I was instantly drawn to it as it being a Muhle knot and made in Germany with a very reasonable price.

    My issue with this brush is the floppiness, this is where having no experience with syn’s leaves me questioning whether this brush has issues or all syn’s are like this. The loft is high and no backbone to speak up so this brush is useless with hard or soft soaps. If you try and face lather soap will go flying all around the bathroom so where does that leave it? Well this brush works for creams (TOBS..etc) and for face painting the soap that is about it.

    I am actually considering replacing the knot because the handle is just plain gorgeous but for $39.99 I would hope that this thing could do better. As always Maggard’s is a step above in customer service and unsurpassed in the speed of shipping. When I want to make a purchase this is the first place I go looking.

  4. 5 out of 5


    This is a REALLY sweet brush. It is smooth as a badger, loads soap off of a puck, and easily holds enough for a three pass shave. It is classy looking (would look good in anyone’s stable), and has a heft to it that is unreal. I’m not saying I’m throwing my other brushes away, but if more people started with this brush, they’d likely not be looking for another.

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