Boker Manufaktur Tortoiseshell 140516 Straight Razor, Professionally Honed


Round Point, Full Hollow Grind

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Product Description

I have professionally sharpened each of these razors and performed a shave test.  These razors are SHAVE READY.  The razor will be pre- stropped and oiled – just wipe off the oil and shave!!!

Note: These are honed to order, there will be a brief delay in shipping in order to prepare the razor.

Includes:  Razor, Coffin Box, Instructions/paperwork.
Description from Boker:

Type: Straight Razor
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Tortoiseshell
Point: Round Point
Inch: 6/8
Processing: 24 Karat Gold
Color: Brown
The predecessor of this popular Boker Tortoise Shell 6/8 inch model was also clearly upgraded. New blade design, partial gilding, decorated blade back, nickel silver inlay , and serration on both sides are just a few innovations. The third stud gives the knife additional stability. Incl. certificate of authenticity and historic packaging.The Straight Razors of the Boker Premium Selection once again set themselves a bit further apart from the highlights of this catalog. The very elaborately worked handles are milled from the full material in the Boker Manufactory Solingen and look deceptively similar to the real natural materials. The nickel silver inlays underline the elaborate production and refinement of the handles and blades in manual labor.


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