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Cella Shaving Soap and Aftershave Samples


Made in Italy

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1. Cella Milano Crema Da Barba Almond Shave Soap (Red Tub) 

It’s not a shaving cream, it’s Cella! The secrets of its success lie in the strict production process; the carefully selected top ingredients, saponification using the hot-mix method in a steam boiler, and the fact that it is slowly matured in special temperature-controlled tanks.

WHY IT WORKS: The original recipe, which dates back to 1899, ensures a frothy, compact, softening high performance foam that moisturizes the face during shaving, preventing irritation and leaving the skin incredibly soft.
Its characteristic almond scent and the ease with which the razor glides over its smooth texture make it truly unique.


2. Cella Milano Bio Organic Aloe Vera Shaving Cream (Green Tub)

CELLA EXTRA BIO is the purest organic shaving cream certified by AIAB / Q Certifications .
It is the result of an intense formulation research that starts from the original Cella 1899 processing protocol to offer the perfect synthesis between tradition, cosmetic efficacy and respect for the environment.
When purity and experience make the difference.


Cella Milano After Shave Lotions:

1. Cella Milano Aftershave Lotion Splash – This is a pleasant moment of aftershave wellness, soothing and moisturizing the skin. The elegant scent, a jus of classic and contemporary notes, instantly refreshes and tones the skin.

WHY IT WORKS – The special formula, with a touch of alcohol, is rapidly absorbed, calms redness and prevents irritation. Enriched with allantoin and panthenol, it guarantees an intense moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory action


2. Cella Milano Bio Organic Aftershave Lotion Splash with Aloe Vera – CELLA EXTRA EXTRA BIO is the certified organic line from AIAB / Q Certifications. It guarantees cosmetic effectiveness and respect for the environment. When purity and experience make the difference.

WHY IT WORKS – Perfect for refreshing and gently moisturizing the skin after shaving. The special formula enriched with biological Aloe Vera, calms redness and prevents irritation, guaranteeing a moisturizing action.




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