Chatillon Lux 88 Chestnut Street Artisan Aftershave Toner, 2oz – Limited Edition


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88 Chestnut Street
Formerly known as Fourth and Pine, the name is now updated to reflect the original location of Clamorgans where they would have sold Farina’s original Eau de Cologne (the original inspiration for the scent), as well as brands like Lubin, Guerlain, and other classic perfume houses.
Shaving product notes: This scent is a bright and uplifting eau de cologne in Farina’s tradition but with a modern twist. It features notes of neroli, lemon, bergamot, lavender, orange, petitgrain, grapefruit, and yuzu.

One of the most monumental icons in the history of fragrance is Farina’s Eau de Cologne, which spawned many to pay homage, from 4711 to Chatillon Lux. 88 Chestnut Street is the original address of Clamorgans, where they were one of the first in America to import Farina’s Eau de Cologne while gaining popularity with the most well-to-do gentlemen in Saint Louis, spawning an eventual move to an expanded gentlemen’s grooming emporium located at Fourth and Pine.


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Witch hazel, aloe vera, calendula extract, cat’s claw bark extract, shea oil, marula oil, polysorbate 20, meadowfoam seed oil, glycerin, fragrance, sodium lactate


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