Chatillon Lux Sni Mato Eau de Toilette, 2oz

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Product Description

This fragrance contains top notes of flowers that can be found in Sni Mato’s native South Dakota, including bright, radiating lily and an intoxicatingly rich daffodil, with a hint of the earthy scent of prairie dew glistening below.

In the more recent tradition of Valentine’s Day, I have a cocoa-heavy, semi-sweet chocolate note as the base for this bouquet. The deep, narcotic undertones of the daffodil flower mingle with the rich silkiness of the chocolate, while the bitterness of the cocoa supports the earthiness that grows the floral top notes into a shimmering bloom. This is a powdery, period-specific cocoa note. Before milk chocolate, ambergris was used to import creaminess into chocolate, so this will be more of a powdery, ambery and vanillic chocolate note.

Declaration Grooming will also be making a matching shaving soap.


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