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Col Conk Rio Grande Lavender Natural Aftershave Lotion, 6oz


Made in USA

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Product Description

Colonel Conk’s Natural Aftershave Lotion is the third and final step to your perfect shave. A fine, long lasting lotion that goes on lightly and absorbs quickly, while keeping your face feeling moisturized all day. The essential oils based scents are refreshing and enjoyable when applied, but will not linger or interfere with your favorite cologne throughout your day.

The Rio Grande Lavender scent is created by an exclusive blend of essential oils.  This is a Bold Lavender Blend with a little less flower and a little more masculine edge to it!

The Colonel Conk Natural Product line is more than 99% natural, with only a minimal amount of preservatives to keep the product fresh on your shelf.

Our Natural Aftershave Lotion combines a unique combination of natural ingredients to finish your shave by providing a natural protective shield to moisturize your face. Col Conk’s new Natural After Shave Lotion includes a generous number of ingredients designed to do more than serve as a fragrance.

Coconut oil and ingredients derived from olive oil lay down a natural protective barrier that moisturizes your skin, as it resists the effects of water and sweat through the day. There’s also tea tree oil, which is increasingly popular for its natural healing properties and ability to reduce allergic skin reactions.

Is there such a thing as a perfect shave? If there is, then there should be a perfect aftershave lotion. At Col Conk that’s what we’re striving for with our new Natural After Shave Lotions.

More than 99% natural, the Colonel Conk Natural Product Line includes that minimal fraction of a percent of preservatives sufficient to keep the product fresh on your shelf.

Made in the USA



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