Dr. Jon’s Black Label Artisan Shaving Soap, 4oz

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Product Description

This is one of our two unique takes and tobacco based soaps. Black is not your traditional pipe tobacco or green tobacco scent, we have blended an assortment of fragrances to create a sweet yet masculine fragrance. Black is made with  tobacco, oak moss, lavender, strawberry, bergamot and  violet essential and fragrance oils.

4 reviews for Dr. Jon’s Black Label Artisan Shaving Soap, 4oz

  1. 5 out of 5


    Huge fan of the Black Label soap and aftershave both, they pair up well and together have some pretty good staying power for the scent. It takes the aftershave a little while to calm down and for the scent to really come out but this soap is on point tfrom the get go and it’s very slick, easy to lather and will take on water pretty good. I have hard water and still have no issue with the Dr Jon’s soaps. Out of the 3 scents I’ve tried this one is my favorite. Personally I’d prefer this over Whiolly Kaw which is a bit more expensive.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have several Dr Jon’s soaps and the Black Label is the best performer whilst Aphrodite has the best scent. If I could combine the two somehow…

  3. 5 out of 5


    Decent scent power, lathers well, Metal Tin has a nice “premium” feel to it. Wide tin allows for large brushes to be used easily with this soap, and it smells “Like a Man”. Very unique scent to this, I dig it and better yet the wife does too. Not much more you can ask for in the wet shave game than the aforementioned.

  4. 4 out of 5


    The world of Vegan shaving creams has been riding the MdC formula for some time now, offering a fairly minimalist mix of ingredients, For my sensitive, dry skin, most iterations of MdC work acceptably well, but lack the buffering effect and post-shave conditioning that tallow and lanolin provide. This means I either have to use tallow or prepare for a sub-par experience if I move over to the non-dead cow side of the fence. I like the scent of many LASSCO products for instance, and use them once or twice per week, but do so knowing I will have some irritation and dryness afterwards, (at least with the “old school” non-beer or -wine based formulas),

    Dr. Jon seems to be moving towards a new paradigm. The dude has loaded his Vegan soap with all sorts of moisturizing agents, and the lather seems denser and more soothing. This is the best buffering and post shave feel I’ve gotten from a Vegan soap (Wholly Kaw comes close, and LASSCO is a distant third). This is great stuff and for those like myself who think tallow and lanolin based soaps are your only option, give Dr. Jon a try. Love the very reasonable pricing, and especially the 2 oz size (which comes in a 4 oz tin to allow some space for loading.

    Why not 5 stars? The scent on this one is pretty “meh”. Very clay like, with a bit of sweet lavender scent. It smelled a bit like modeling clay or certain organic kitty litter brands in the tin, nothing nasty, but pretty bland. Once lathered, I got a bit of sweetness from it, but the tobacco scent was very muted and dull, and the exotic stuff mentioned in the scent list like strawberry was nowhere in evidence to my nose. Folks have raved about Dr Jons other scents, so given his eminently reasonable pricing, I will probably try something else and see if I can get this fine technical performance in a richer more fragrant scent.

    I also don’t like metal tins for packaging, but this seems to be par the course on the low end of the price range. Still, given the more typical pricing for the 4 oz product, I would suggest Dr. Jon give the buyer a plastic tin at that price point and save the penalty box metal tin for the 2 oz cheapies.

    All in all, Dr. Jon seems to be on the right track in technical performance, and his scent was powerful enough and lasted for the whole shave without giving any irritation. Vegan soap land is full of guys and gals that don’t get this balance right; either too powerful to the point of irritation or wimpy scents that fade quickly. To avoid those pitfalls and also produce goof cushioning and post-shave feel is quite the achievement, and getting appealing scents into the mix is just a matter of trial and error, and as stated, Dr. Jon has many other scents available which may have already won that battle. This is the first Dr Jon scent I tried, but it won’t be the last!

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