Edwin Jagger RH6L Ebony Brush Stand, Large

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Made in England

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Product Description

Edwin Jagger RH6L Ebony Plastic Brush Stand, Large Neck. The opening for this stand is approximately 23mm. This shaving brush stand is an ideal, inexpensive way to display your brush. This item is free standing or can be stuck to a vertical surface with the adhesive pad at the back.

2 reviews for Edwin Jagger RH6L Ebony Brush Stand, Large

  1. 5 out of 5


    Very compact, fits my 22mm brush perfectly, and would work for larger brushes as well.

    Also, very fast shipping even during a quarantine!

  2. 5 out of 5


    This stand is ideal for my use. The small amount of space it takes up does not clutter my countertop and provides my brushes a nice clean looking holder for them to dry in. My wife doesn’t complain about a large “clunky” looking setup that gets knocked over easy or looking unsighlty. It just blends right in and looks like it should be there.

    I currently have three brushes and the stand holds each of them perfectly. They are the Van der Hagan brush from the “Deluxe” set, the Escali badger brush and the Semogue 1305. The brushes mount on the stand just under the handle onto the bristle area. If you have a brush that has longer bristles than these brushes you may run into a problem of the brush hitting the bottom of the stand.

    It came nicely packaged, and Maggard Razors shipped the package about an hour after it was ordered.

    Thanks to all at Maggard for a nice buying experience!

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