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Fatip Retro Open Comb Black Nickel Finish DE Safety Razor


Made in Italy

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Product Description

NOTE: Our entire stock of Black Nickel Retros have the newer Version 2 head.  If you are looking for the older (pre-2017) V1 head, we do not have any.

Fatip’s Retro Safety Razor features an elegantly engraved, long, thin handle, with a ball-end which provides a comfortable grip. The open comb head ensures that the razor works well with varying lengths of beard growth. Well-balanced and easy to use, this 3 piece, polished black nickel razor offers vintage appeal and a refined shaving experience.

Since 1950, Fatip has been producing quality double edge razors with distinctive designs. Handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen, Fatip’s razors feature open comb heads, well-balanced handles, and polished metals in a variety of hues. With their classic vintage styling and high performance design, Fatip’s razors offer a refined, precise shaving experience.



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