Geo F. Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food, 100 200 or 500ml

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Product Description

Bright green bursts of life-force charge from the tangy sharpness of tropical Limes. And as every pore is infused with the zing and zest of freshly squeezed West Indian Limes, so an exhilarating thrill is marvellously bestowed.

Containing the concentrated essences of West Indian Limes, this is a truly vibrant and fresh scent.

An ideal product for before or after shaving. As a pre-shave for sensitive skin, massaging it in against the growth of the beard lifts and softens whiskers, allowing the razor to glide with ease. By smoothing on after shaving, tender skin is soothed, sealed and offered nourishing relief.

4 reviews for Geo F. Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food, 100 200 or 500ml

  1. 3 out of 5


    I’ve been spoiled by more realistic smelling lime/lemon scents like Aqua Di Parma and Atelier Cologne. This balm is as protective as Sandalwood Skinfood, but I don’t like the smell. The citrus you get is the same as Sprite or Mountain Dew.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is stuff is amazing …The AS of the gods maybe?

    I got this AS after seeing so many rave reviews for the Coral Skin Food. I am not a huge fan of rose scented stuff, specially for men,so I hesitated quite a bit. Until I found the Limes version…I love the scent, but if you are looking for long lasting scent, this is not for you. Personally I enjoy that feature. I use this skin food as the base of my AS process. I apply this first, let it dry (which is typically a minute or two), and then apply an alcohol based AS like Fine for long lasting protection and scent.

    I have to say, that once I got this AS, I noticed a huge improvement in my post shave feel and irritation (or lack thereof).

    I highly recommend this. Great protection in winter, and light enough for summer. Perfect balance!!!!

  3. 3 out of 5


    I bought this product based on the great reviews it has received on various shaving forums and sites where you can purchase it. However upon receiving it I was little let down.

    I do like how little you have to use to get full coverage for your face. I can put a small dab about the size of a dime in my hands and cover my entire face with it. Not just the areas I shaved, but also my forehead, nose etc. I REALLY liked the scent but as an after shave lotion it just doesnt do much for me. Its cools as soon as you put it on but the feeling is fleeting and it doesnt really leave my face feeling refreshed.

    Obviously its a great product as is evidenced by the great reviews it gets everywhere, but it just didn’t work well for me personally.

  4. 5 out of 5


    This stuff is amazing! I use it for everything. I start off applying it in place of pre shave oil, then I apply it after the shave to catch up on any hairs I missed so I can see them while I shave and then I apply it as a soothing aftershave. I also do not always like to apply lather to my underarms so I put a bit of this on and use it instead of lather. It works for everything and I will be buying more! Oh and the lime scent is amazing. Its like a fresh cut lime. I love that smell.

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