Henri et Victoria Absinthe Artisan Vegan Shaving Soap, 4 oz

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Artisan product made in Canada

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Dangerously addictive, in all the right ways. This highly aromatic scent brings Absinthe to life with a sugar cube and several other delectable herby delights.

It’s crisp, and it knows how to make an impact. Let yourself be tempted by this little mischievous Green Fairy that epitomizes envy and endeavors to defy.

Anise, Juniper, Spice, Citrus, and Wormwood.

A traditional grooming essential for every man who savors the pleasure of a classic wet shave. Shaving soap performs the fundamental task of lubrication between the blade and the skin. It softens the skin and thoroughly cleanses it at the same time.

Our Vegan Shaving Soap produces an easy top lather that is both thick and slick which helps the blade glide across the face smoothly, thus reducing irritation. This soap is more economical than regular shave cream as it lasts much longer with no preservatives added.


Additional Information


Potassium stearate, potassium cocoate, water, glycerine, potassium ricenoalete, parfum

3 reviews for Henri et Victoria Absinthe Artisan Vegan Shaving Soap, 4 oz

  1. 4 out of 5


    This is a good performance soap nice scent, creamy with nice slickness and a good value, definitely no remorse in the purchase.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I hadn’t heard of Henri et Victoria until I saw it here at Maggard. It’s really really really nice stuff… Very subtle and delightful anise scent; I’m a big fan of anise so if it had been stronger that would have been okay but I really like it. I expected more of a cream consistently but it is much like a tub of Cella and I was caught by surprise when I opened the tub. I swirled the brush and dipped it in a bit more water and face lathered it. It is pretty thirsty and my first use of Absinthe produced enough lather for about three passes (spot shaving after the first two passes) and I got as close to a BBS as I ever have. I had enough to squeeze the brush for 3rd and 4th passes on chin and jawline and still washed some down the drain. Since I’m OCONUS, I can’t get the Alcohol based splash to match so if there is an Absinthe balm that would be a nice addition to the selection. Priced right so I can afford to buy a soap and balm combo next time now that I know how good Henri et Victoria products are.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been hoping to try this artisan brand for a while now, and when I saw that Maggard’s had it in stock I pulled the trigger on the soap, and matching after shave splash. for the price, it is an easy choice. The first thing I noticed about this scent is that it doesn’t clobber you with the anise scent the way a lot of products do. If you use any kind of European toothpaste or mouthwash, you know that a lot of European brands rely quite heavily on herbal flavors. This soap is a Canadian product, and the quality is top notch. The anise scent is subtle, and sweetened up with some citrus. It is very pleasant to me. The performance was quite surprising with so few ingredients. The packaging is nice quality, and there is room to load your shaving brush. I had to use a little more water than I expected, but the lather this whipped up was very fluffy, creamy, with nice slickness. This soap easily competes with the other premium artisan products out there. I will definitely be trying their other scents, and after shaves. The matching after shave was also the same level of quality, with the scent of this soap and a little menthol just to let you know it is there.

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