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iKon Shavecraft X3 Slant DE Safety Razor Head

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Head Only

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Product Description

“The Best Torqued Production Slant on The Market – solid aluminum construction.”

This item is a 2 piece razor head, no handle is included.


PLEASE NOTE: As part of the manufacturing and plating process for these razor heads it is common to find un-plated thread/s. This is due to the actual process for dipping parts in into electroplating tanks to achieve the desired finish. During this process the part is suspended by a thin wrap of wire and then lowered into tanks. The *area where the wire is wrapped does not receive that same plating. This does not affect functionality. Like most things, with proper care this will last a very, long time.

Please see pictures showing expected markings on the top cap post.

13 reviews for iKon Shavecraft X3 Slant DE Safety Razor Head

  1. 1 out of 5


    you are right, the site is yours, you do the prices and if you are among the most important sites it means that you are always on the right side, for this reason it is perhaps not very elegant to say that a site, the most important in Italy do business tricks when on the other hand it behaved exactly by informing its customers first. Having said that, that’s fine, after all even a new car if it has the striped doors it starts up and the doors are closed it’s just aesthetic. thanks for the attention, for me the question is closed. good evening

  2. 1 out of 5


    Hi, an Italian e-commerce, certainly much smaller than you, has had more attention towards customers than you. Knowing the manufacturing defect of the x3 head, he sold the defective ones with a 20% discount. the problem is only aesthetic, we agree but from a big site like you we expect a more correct behavior. This time, unlike others, I was disappointed.

    Comment from Maggard: We appreciate your feedback. We’re simply selling the product that iKon shipped us. They are not defective. It appears the Italian vendor you are referring to was cherry picking perfect pieces and charging more. I saw their “Discounted Price” for the “flawed” parts was EUR 43.99 — that is equal to $49.51 USD. Our price for this razor with handle is $50.00. So, really, they aren’t discounting anything — they’re just increasing the price for the parts they cherry pick.

    ALL iKon Shavecraft Aluminum razors have small imperfections because they dangle these parts from wire hooks during plating, and the spots the wire make contact with don’t end up plated. These imperfections don’t affect the shave and don’t affect the durability of the razor. they’re also not visible when the razor is assembled (all exterior surfaces are without flaw).

  3. 1 out of 5


    I couldn’t imagine that quality is so awful! Looks like defective goods from junk shop! Maybe it can shave great but looks very-very bad!

  4. 5 out of 5


    To start with I have 3 Ikons. 103 short open comb, 102 slant and now the X3. The 103 has the most blade feel and resembles my Gillette NEW long comb. The 102 has been my favorite up until now, having some blade feel, but comfortable and efficient. I had my first shave today with the X3. I agree with Leisureguy in that it has little blade feel but it is even more comfortable than the 102. All my Ikons are my favorite razors out of the 16 modern and vintage razors I own. I will get some more shaves under my belt but I think this my #1 in my rotation for now. BTW, Maggards has the fastest shipping out there. Great service and always a pleasure doing business with them!

  5. 5 out of 5


    For me, the X3 is very like the iKon 102 in feel (very comfortable, not inclined to nick—indeed, the X3 has almost no blade feel) and in performance (extremely efficient, leaving most of my face BBS after the second pass, though the third pass (ATG) is still needed on chin and some of my neck.

    As with any new razor, it’s important to try several brands a blades to find the brand that works best for you in this razor. A razor that’s inefficient with one brand may become quite efficient with another; and a razor that is harsh and nicky with one brand may turn out to be quite tame with another. So do some exploration. And use light pressure, as always.

  6. 3 out of 5


    Initially, I liked this head, but I’ve learned over time that it’s too mild a razor for me. Like all iKon razors I’m familiar with, the X3’s craftsmanship, fit and finish are great, but it’s just a ho-hum performer for me. I would recommend it as a first razor for anyone new to DE shaving.

  7. 3 out of 5


    Well, this X3 turned out not so good for myself. It feels like a very mild and smooth razor. So smooth and mild that it took more passes and a lot more buffing than what I normally need to do. I use the R41, Ikon Tech and all the Maggard line of razors with them all giving me either a BBS shave with little effort, no irritation or nicks off any kind. I have some blemishes on my face that never bother. That’s what surprised me about the X3. My neck ended up sore with little blood spots after using the X3. Only thing I can figure out is that it’s from having to do more passes and buffing up to the point of giving me the irritation and blood spots on my neck. Just goes to show what works great for one doesn’t work the same for the next guy. As usual Maggards service and shipping was great.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Beautiful razor with more forgiving comb than their previous models which makes for substantially easier rinsing and cleaning as well by default of design. Can’t wait to compare to the Maggard in a lightweight alloy.

  9. 4 out of 5


    I have shaved by now at least 5 times with the X3 on an Ikon OSS handle. Like other mild razors I own (37C and R39) it is not very efficient, in my experience, but it is very smooth and safe. If you are not after BBS, this is a razor that one can use every day. Great razor for beginners or for people with very sensitive skin.

  10. 5 out of 5


    I would like to share my thoughts on the X3 and compare it to a few other razors. Before I go into details let me say the razor arrived in 3 days as usual when ordering from Maggard, and the condition was near perfect. There are a few machining flaws in areas not seen when assembled but nothings major, and not a problem either since they aren’t exposed. It is worthy of 5 starts still due to the price, design, aesthetics, and performance.

    I have very sensitive skin to razor burn and cuts and therefore require razors that aren’t overly aggressive. With that said, let me define the terms I will use to describe the razor’s performance. Aggressive to me means you can feel the blade on your skin, which is the opposite of mild and smooth. I realize many people consider aggression the efficiency of the razor to cut hair, but I believe that is not a good use of the word. I use mild to describe a razor that does not allow you to feel the blade much if at all. A mild razor is smooth and forgiving, but can be efficient. I use the word efficient to describe how easily the razor will cut hair.

    The razor I have used almost every shave, which is every day, for the past 7 or 8 months is the Feather AS-D2 paired with Feather and sometimes Kai blades. The AS-D2 is very mild and highly efficient, a rare combo that I searched long and hard to find. The next best razor for my beard was the iKon 101 safety bar side only, which I sold since I had no luck with the open comb side. Finally, the only other razor prior to the X3 that is still in my rotation because it provides great shaves is the Edwin Jagger DE89. I consider the DE89 slightly aggressive but easily tamed with a good blade, in my case the Astra SP.

    I have tried several other razors in addition to those listed above, none of which were kind to my skin. The only razor I want to call out from the failed razors is the iKon 102 Slant. I mention this one because I have read reviews on a shaving forum from members who find the X3 to be nearly identical to the 102, however that is not the case for me. I could not get along with the 102 no matter what blade I tried, nor how strict my form was to be sure the angle was right. It was fine on my face but very harsh on my neck. I used it for 2 weeks and cut myself every shave so it had to go. As for the X3, it has provided perfect shaves every time when using an Astra SP or Polsilver SI. The only time I have nicked myself was when testing out other blades. Blades are very subjective so I won’t bother mentioning which ones cut me. The X3 requires strict form or technique due to a narrow effective cutting angle, similar to the AS-D2. Actually, I find the angle very similar to the AS-D2, which makes it much easier switching between the two razors. The X3 is both efficient and mild. My beard is thick and full and shaving every day or every other day it has no problem giving me a great shave in 2 passes and a clean up, or a BBS in 3 passes and a clean up. The AS-D2 provides about the same level of performance as far as efficiency but it’s slightly more mild and forgiving than the X3. If you read this far my main point is that the X3 is a fantastic razor that should provide most users a smooth and efficient shave at a fraction of the cost of many higher end razors. This one is a keeper!

  11. 5 out of 5


    The Ikon X3 head is very mild and forgiving. So far, I’m about 10 shaves in, and have it paired with a Maggard MR-1 handle. Of the few razors that I’ve owned (Razorock Mission, Maggard V3 Closed Comb, Maggard V2 Open Comb, Fatip Piccolo, 1957 Gillette Red Tip, and 70’s Gillette Superspeed) the X3 reminds me most of the Red Tip because of its mildness. The only difference for me is that the Red Tip was much less forgiving and less efficient; I would get razor burn if I wasn’t careful on the ATG pass, and I could never get a completely BBS shave. With the X3, I can buff for a fourth pass ATG and get zero irritation. I would really have to intentionally try to nick myself with the X3 to get cut—it is that forgiving.

    As far as blades go, I have used Astra SP, Rapira Swedish Supersteel, Wilkinson Sword, Kai, and Voskhod. The Kai, Astra SP, and Rapira Swedish Supersteel blades yielded the best results for me—especially the Kai’s. Results with the Wilkinsons and Voskhods provided me with acceptable shaves, just not stellar.

    I would highly recommend this razor to anyone who is looking for a mild, but efficient razor. Not only is the X3 a good choice for a daily shaver, it’s also great to shave with after you’ve had a rough shave the day before. The X3 is ideal for guys like me that need to shave every day for work, or for guys in the military. I would even go so far to say that it would be good for a daily leg shaver.

    I like the X3 so much that I’m seriously considering getting a second head, and Maggard Razors is my first choice for buying anything wet shaving. As many of the reviews mention, Maggard provides prompt, speedy service. On top of that, I really love how intuitive their website is—it’s so easy to navigate, and to quickly find what I’m looking for. Maggard Razors also display inventory quantities for each item, so it’s never a shock when something is out of stock. That kind of precise communication helps customers make buying decisions–something I really appreciate.

  12. 5 out of 5


    A great slant!

    Ordered the head only and paired with my iKon bamboo handle. Beautiful aluminum head that loads the blade easily with no alignment issues. Its on the mild side, but very efficient.The only other slant I can compare it to is the 37C, and I found the X3 to be smoother and give a closer shave with no irriatation. Have used so far with a Personna Red, Permasharp, and Voskhod; all worked well with the razor.

    Great service as always from Maggards!

  13. 5 out of 5


    1st off, allow me to state how nice it is to order a product and it arrives promptly without a hickup! The X3 is awesome. it I the most efficient razor I’ve ever used. With 3 days growth, 2 passes made me have a bbs face! This razor either with the icon handle or the MR8 handle is a must for any shave den! Beginners need not be afraid of this razor. It is a SMOOTH RAZOR without being so mild you can’t feel the shave.

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