Maggard Razors 30mm SHD (Super High Density) 2-Band Badger, Bulb Knot

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Product Description

Our SHD Badger Bulb knots are packed with 30%+ more hair than our normal brushes, and the tips are even softer.  Our manufacturer claims these are “Manchurian”, but, of course, most of the terminology around badger hair types are mostly just flashy marketing terms.  Point is, this is a killer knot at a killer price.

The Maggard Badger Shaving brush knots are sure to be a favorite among beginners and veterans alike.

For all of you hobby brush makers, we are happy to be able to provide these knots for all of your custom brush projects.

Knot Size: 30mm

Loft: 60-65mm

Plug height: ~9mm
Average max width:  0.3mm – 0.6mm from advertised.

Recommended to drill out handle at least +1 to +1.5mm from knot size.   Knot depth suggestions:   22-26mm: 13-14mm   28-30mm:  12-13mm


2 reviews for Maggard Razors 30mm SHD (Super High Density) 2-Band Badger, Bulb Knot

  1. 5 out of 5


    This knot is incredible ! Super, Super Dence ! And awesome white gel tips the only issue is the variation in the loft which is + or – 1-5mm hence 60-65mm which is fully Disclose from Maggards which should discourage you from purchasing one of these if you know how to set knots ?? Doesn’t stop me fantastic knot !

  2. 1 out of 5


    Nice knot until you take the measurements. The knot I received (30mm)
    has an overall height of 60.51mm. The knot plug height of 8.18mm.
    This gives the knot an effective height of 52.33mm, BEFORE IT’S PUT
    INTO A HANDLE! Maggard recommends you have a minimum “knot hole depth
    of 12-13mm for 28mm – 30mm knots.” If the knot hole depth is 12mm,
    you’re left with a loft of 48.5mm. A 30mm knot with a 48.5mm loft, is
    nothing but a lather hogging stump. The only way to get the loft
    above 50mm is to set the knot only to the depth of the knot plug
    height, which is below the recommended “12mm – 13mm knot hole depth.”

    Then the splay will be beyond ridiculous and pretty much ZERO
    backbone! DO NOT PURCHASE!


    Reply from Maggard: Our recommendations are not set in stone; you absolutely could set this 10mm if you wanted. We agree that some of these knots are little on the short side, but, many people enjoy the backbone that provides. We do mention that knots can range due to them being hand made. If set at 9 or 10mm, the effective loft (51-52mm) would be very similar in performance to a 65mm total lenght knot that was set at 13-14mm.

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