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Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR11 Stainless Steel Handle

4.50 out of 5 based on 12 customer ratings
(12 customer reviews)

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Stainless Steel handle, Chrome plated Zinc Alloy head

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Product Description

The MR11 is a mid-length knurled handle razor with a polished 303 stainless steel handle.

Quality materials and a great price – it is difficult to go wrong with a Maggard Razors DE. These traditional double edge safety razors are ideal for the beginner, while seasoned wet shavers will appreciate the high quality handles and smooth shaving heads.

Heads: We now offer 4 different heads to choose from. Each comes with its own shaving characteristics.

  1.  The V3 Standard (2): This head is available in Chrome, Gray, or Black Finish. Best for beginners, this head offers a mild-moderate shave with excellent efficiency. Shaves just as well as many of the big name brands with no noticeable difference in quality
  2. The V2 Open Comb: Another great option for beginners, the V2 Open comb shaves nearly identical to the Parker 24C/26C heads. Super comfortable, and super efficient – this heads gives the results of the aggressive razors without any of the harshness.
  3. The V3A Aggressive: This head is available in Gray, or Black Finish. Enthusiasts and those looking for a more aggressive razor to plow through the toughest of beards may opt for the V3A – a highly efficient shaving head that offers plenty of blade exposure. With some time and skill we feel many will enjoy this head. Comes in a beautiful matte gray plating finish.
  4. The Maggard Slant Head: Released in September 2016, our new Slant Razor Head is a great way to try out a slant head design without breaking the bank.

Most of the Maggard Razors line come equipped with solid 303 stainless steel handles. The heads of the entire Maggard line are chrome plated cast zinc alloy.

Quality Control:
We have visually inspected every single razor for manufacturing flaws. Many heads we test fit a blade to ensure blade exposure and gap consistency. You won’t find any bubbled up plating or overly rough edges on your new razor. The heads thread smoothly, and on every razor we have shave tested, each one was consistent in shaving from both sides of the blade. We stand behind these razors – so if you find a flaw that affects your shave, simply contact us and we will resolve the issue!

Handle Compatibility:
Our safety razors use standard threading that is compatible with almost all other 3 piece razors (Edwin Jagger, Merkur, Muhle, Gillette, iKon, Above the Tie, just to name a few).

Shave with it, enjoy it, and remember, this is a budget razor! It is cheap enough to buy one for all of your friends and help expand our community. This is the reason we’ve made these available and the reason for their great success!

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12 reviews for Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR11 Stainless Steel Handle

  1. 4 out of 5


    First double edge razor and I’m enjoying it very much. Went with this since the MR1 was out of stock for the starter kits and I’m very glad. I think the extra weight really helps and I like the shorter handle for navigating my face. Although I will probably want a longer handle when I start on my head. My only complaint is that it’s pretty easy to screw on the head and have the blade be misaligned

  2. 4 out of 5


    Very nice MR11 razor with small flaw – the handle is not drilled straight. The head sits a little crooked, like a crooked ‘T’. Just a little but I noticed. The same head fits square on another handle so its not the post but rather the threaded hole in the handle that is off.

    Other than this little flaw I like the razor. The head is exactly as described by many as ‘good’. I got an extra head to replace one on a $16 amazon razor that is wholly mediocre compared to the MR11. But at least I can pass it on to a friend now and tell them its a good Maggard head (if not whole razor). I learned there is only B-stock and crap shaving stuff on amazon and found Maggard through youtube video reviews. I’ll probably try another maggard razor like the MR6 in a the future soap order. Nice to know these are decent and quickly available so I can tell interested friends so they get a good first WS experience.

    I also would like to see a head/handle combo with bead blasted satin finish if possible, eh?

  3. 1 out of 5


    This is the worst razor to get. This razor head v3 is supposed to be mild but it more like a little more aggressive. The handle is a little heavy. I got so many nicks and razor burns. I don’t recommend for who have very sensitive skins. I’m very unhappy with it. I won’t be using it again.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I just got the MR11 (open-comb) in the mail, today. It gave me the closest and easiest shave I’ve ever gotten. I didn’t think the razor could make that big of a difference (I formerly used a Van der Hagen), but it actually does.

    Specifically, I’ve never gotten a completely smooth shave without going against the grain on certain spots. This razor achieved that with passes across the grain in all but the single toughest spot. Same blade. Same soap. Same brush.

  5. 5 out of 5


    This is a great razor. The head is nearly identical to my EJ DE89. The handle is awesome!! Nice, deep knurling & good weight. I think the length is perfect. Not too long g, not too short. I had an EJ Kelvin handle, but is was too short & light for me. The MR11 is great.

  6. 5 out of 5


    This razor is high quality and I have had absolutely no alignment issues. It is more aggressive than my vintage Gillette TTO and took some adjustment in my technique, but I am glad I purchased it. Someday I may spring for a longer handle, but I would not want a more aggressive head than the V2. Great value and very fast order fulfillment.

  7. 5 out of 5


    I love it, I have the MR11 handle with the Closed comb V2 head. I’ve been using it for a few months now and this baby is AWESOME. The closed comb V2 head is mild head which I love. The handle is fantastic, nice deep knurling, good heft and the perfect length. I would compare this to my Merkur 34C, this razor is a little longer, heavier alittle more mild than a 34C.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Just got the mr11 in and got to shave with it, it gave me one of the closests shaves that I have ever got. It’s more aggressive than my 34c but still smooth, thank you maggard for such a great razor!!

  9. 5 out of 5


    I am new to safety razor shaving. I purchased an Edwin Jagger DE89 for my first razor and I loved it except for one thing. Mine has the smooth chrome handle which is beautiful, but does get slippery when I use it. I started searching for a handle with texture and decided to go with the MR11. I bought the whole razor to try it out but I really only wanted the handle. The MR11 handle is perfect on my Edwin Jagger DE89. The MR11 handle is stainless steel and does not match perfectly, but it does look very nice. The weight and size are perfect.

    I have also tried shaving with the Maggard head that came with the MR11. I believe it is slightly more aggressive than the Edwin Jagger head. I prefer the EJ for now, but I can certainly shave comfortably and successfully with the Maggard head as well. I am glad I added it to my collection.

    I also commend the phone support offered by Maggard Razors. Their customer service is outstanding. Kris was polite and helpful to me as a new wet shaver and patiently answered my several questions. The order was packaged well and delivery was fast.

    Thank you – I am a customer for life!

  10. 5 out of 5


    I just finished my first ever safety razor shave with this and I am amazed! No nicks, no irritation, just a great shave. This is a really great product that I will recommend to any and everybody!

  11. 5 out of 5


    Currently own many well known brands, but this smooth shaver is on my top list. The handle is tad thinner than the “Bulldog” handle, and that make it the perfect fit and weight. polish finish is very nice. Close comb smooth shave head is good for beginner as well as experience shaver. Just could wish for more finish option, about a MR11C…;)

  12. 5 out of 5


    All my Maggard razors are well made and offer great shaves. The MR11 is no exception. I prefer the shorter handle. I like the ease of blade alignment on the new heads too but do wish they offered a more aggressive closed comb option but the MR11 is still a great DE with a modest price.

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