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Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR18 Stainless Steel Handle

4.85 out of 5 based on 26 customer ratings
(26 customer reviews)

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Stainless Steel Handle, Zinc Alloy Head

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Product Description

The MR18 is a medium weight, long knurled handle razor with a satin finish solid stainless steel handle.

Quality materials and a great price – it is difficult to go wrong with a Maggard Razors DE. These traditional double edge safety razors are ideal for the beginner, while seasoned wet shavers will appreciate the high quality handles and smooth shaving heads.

Heads: We now offer 4 different heads to choose from. Each comes with its own shaving characteristics.

  1.  The V3 Standard (2): This head is available in Chrome, Gray, or Black Finish. Best for beginners, this head offers a mild-moderate shave with excellent efficiency. Shaves just as well as many of the big name brands with no noticeable difference in quality
  2. The V2 Open Comb: Another great option for beginners, the V2 Open comb shaves nearly identical to the Parker 24C/26C heads. Super comfortable, and super efficient – this heads gives the results of the aggressive razors without any of the harshness.
  3. The V3A Aggressive: This head is available in Gray, or Black Finish. Enthusiasts and those looking for a more aggressive razor to plow through the toughest of beards may opt for the V3A – a highly efficient shaving head that offers plenty of blade exposure. With some time and skill we feel many will enjoy this head. Comes in a beautiful matte gray plating finish.
  4. The Maggard Slant Head: Released in September 2016, our new Slant Razor Head is a great way to try out a slant head design without breaking the bank.


Most of the Maggard Razors line come equipped with solid 303 stainless steel handles. The heads of the entire Maggard line are chrome plated cast zinc alloy.

Quality Control:
We have visually inspected every single razor for manufacturing flaws. Many heads we test fit a blade to ensure blade exposure and gap consistency. You won’t find any bubbled up plating or overly rough edges on your new razor. The heads thread smoothly, and on every razor we have shave tested, each one was consistent in shaving from both sides of the blade. We stand behind these razors – so if you find a flaw that affects your shave, simply contact us and we will resolve the issue!

Handle Compatibility:
Our safety razors use standard threading that is compatible with almost all other 3 piece razors (Edwin Jagger, Merkur, Muhle, Gillette, iKon, Above the Tie, just to name a few).

Shave with it, enjoy it, and remember, this is a budget razor! It is cheap enough to buy one for all of your friends and help expand our community. This is the reason we’ve made these available and the reason for their great success!

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Blade Gap

.030 same as Edwin Jagger

26 reviews for Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR18 Stainless Steel Handle

  1. 5 out of 5


    Bought mine with a V3A. It is the best razor I own. Good weight. Like wiping the hair off of my face. It shaves as close as my straight but with only one pass and some touch ups- cuts right through my copper wire beard hair and doesn’t leave me irritated one bit. High quality. Highly recommend.

  2. 4 out of 5


    The MR18 handle’s knurling is excellent, its length suits my hand and the weight is welcome. The handle is drilled off-centre, which is annoying but not significant.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This is a novice perspective, so be aware. I bought a Weishi (VanDerHagen) from Walmart a year ago and have been using it daily. This week I ordered the Maggard MR18 based on the reviews. First of all, it’s the best shave I’ve ever had. The weight of the V3 head, metal finish, and longer handle kept the razor aligned better. It also shaved closer with less irritation than the Weishi using the same Wilkinson Sword blades from my local drugstore ($1/per 5). I intentionally used the same blade to determine the difference the razor makes. It was profound. At the same price as the Weishi, don’t bother wasting time and money. Just get a Maggard. Next I intend to sample various blades to find a favorite. So far, the Wilkinson has been the best balance of price and quality compared to the VanDerHagen and Gillette blades, all available locally in rural Tennessee.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Hi i,m from Scotland and happened to stumble on the maggard site having bought MR18 to add to my other razors cannot praise the maggard MR18 enough i even bought the stand as well, as this razor is my fav Its hard to describe without being too technical but this razor just feels right… handle is right length and its perfectly weighted,even shipping was prompt to uk highly recommend and will probably buy another highly recommend cannot be faulted

  5. 5 out of 5


    MR18 is a wonderfull handle, pairs perfect with v3, v3a heads and also with other heads (de and se). Weight is optimal for me.

  6. 5 out of 5


    This remarkable razor is now number one for me. The handle was for me not the most comfortable due to its length, I got used to the shorter, but made very high quality and it is very tenacious and does not slip in your hand. As for the open comb v2-it’s a great head, which gives a very comfortable and smooth shave, but at the same time and sufficiently effective to be able to perfect shave in 2 passes with my blades personna chrome platinum. This head confidently pushed aside my Rockwell s6, which even on the plate 6 does not give me such an effective shaving. Highly recommended, excellent quality for funny money

  7. 5 out of 5


    This handle pairs very well with the v3 head as well as the open comb head.

  8. 5 out of 5


    First time using a safety razor and while my first shave wasn’t nick free, I can say this razor is very sturdy, has good grip, and is overall well made. After I shaving I drop the razor on the floor and was more worried about the ceramic tile than the razor.

  9. 5 out of 5


    I purchased the MR18 with the V2 head. I have larger hands so longer, heavier handles are more comfortable in my grasp. The MR18 handled like a dream. I’ve since purchased the V2OC, V3 and V3A heads to complement the MR 18. All four heads provide a luxuriously comfortable shaving experience, and balanced on top of a finely crafted handle, may shaves with the MR18 are routinely close, comfortable and delightful. My shaving time is important to me. It’s my period of meditation in a hectic world and Maggard Razors provides extremely high quality products without high prices. Plus they ship quickly. So, short story, I have a lot of different razors, many do not make it into regular rotation. My MR18 definitely does.

  10. 5 out of 5


    New to Wet Shaving, but my experience with this handle and the open comb have been very positive. I will never go back to Cartridges and multiple blades. The experience, and the closeness of the shave is a great factor as well. I’d suggest using feather razors or astra.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Bought this with the two heads option. Put the open comb on this hand and am mostly satisfied (did a review on just the head). Put the closed comb on a cheap handle that could use any up grade with a better head. I like the weight and length which is why I went for this handle. To me the open comb is much more aggressive than closed comb. I am also using the shark DE blades at the moment.

  12. 5 out of 5


    I’m still rather new to the wet shaving method. Did some research and got a EJ89 Barley first. After more research decided I wanted the stainless handle and got the MR18 with the V2 head. Both are excellent razors.

    I immediately noticed a couple of differences. The longer handle on the MR18 helped a lot. The deep checkering on the MR18 is grippier than the textured EJ89 making is easier to grip with wet slippery hands. The knurled end of the MR18 is a little more pronounced making it easier to hold.

    Previous reviews have noted some instances of blade misalignment. I clean my razors and clean, oil, and flip the blades after every use. The blade alignment has never been an issue. The V2 head must be a little different from the previous versions. If there is any issue to comment on with the MR18 it is that the female threaded hole for the head in the handle is a little off center. You can see it when the handle is screwed back on. This issue does not affect the performance.

    Whether it is the extra weight or the blade clearance in the V2 head I don’t know, but I did notice a closer shave on the first pass with the MR18 than with the EJ89. Both razors have no problem getting BBS (or SBB) results. I might try frankenrazoring the EJ head on the MR handle just to see what happens.

    When it comes to personal tools like razors everyone forms their own opinions and preferences. For me, I like the way the MR18 handles better than the EJ89. But I would have no issues using either.

  13. 5 out of 5


    I chose the MR18 as my very first safety razor in the DE budget starter kit. It worked out perfectly for me in combination with the Astra blade. No cuts, nicks, or even razor burn.

  14. 3 out of 5


    This was too aggressive for me, but the build quality is decent. There is too much wobbling for the blade to sit perfectly in the middle – you have to kinda hold it. Handle is nice quality and feels great. Just a shame the head didn’t work out for me at all.

  15. 5 out of 5


    I bought an MR18 for my wife;she wanted to try a DE razor. She had great success the first time she used it and hasn’t looked back. Casie’s videos were very helpful as was Casie personally. The customer service and shipping time rocked as usual!

  16. 5 out of 5


    I have been using this razor (MR18)for 3 weeks now. It is more aggressive than my 1973 Gillette alum tech. That being said I have been getting fantastic shaves with just 2 passes. After seeing the blade gap compared to my Gillette I was really worried at first. I haven’t gotten one nick or cut from this razor. You do have to center the blade but thats really easy. I do have to agree that this is a good beginner razor. This is also a very hefty razor compared to what I’m used to. You just can’t go wrong on the price. Beautiful razor.

  17. 5 out of 5


    Great razor for its price as well as the perfect beginner DE razor! It has a nice weight to it and a nice long handle. I am going to buy some more as presents to friends and family 🙂

  18. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been shaving with two 1950s vintage Gillette DE safety butterfly opening type razors for over 54 years now (really the only two I’ve ever shaved with … they were my Dad’s). This past April I started thinking about that and decided to purchase a new razor for the first time ever if only just for comparison’s sake and to try something new. After researching a bit I decided to purchase a Merkur 23C. I found that the Merkur didn’t provide nearly as close a shave as did my old Gillettes. That surprised me. Now it wasn’t that the Merkur wasn’t a sturdy well made beautiful razor … because it was. I just couldn’t get a close shave with it. I began researching again to see if I couldn’t find out why this was the case and if there actually were any present day razors from which one could get a good close shave. The Edwin Jagger kind of caught my eye. And not long afterward I also ran across the Maggard razor. I noticed on the Maggard site where it stated that the blade gap of the Maggard was the same as the that of the EJ … 0.030 inches. I also found some videos on YouTube on both the Maggard and the EJ. The fact that Maggard “copied” (so to speak) the blade gap of the Edwin Jagger was noteworthy I thought. And I found on YouTube where geofatboy expressed a great liking for the EJ. A side view of the Maggard appears similar to the Merkur … but it was reported to shave more like the EJ. As a test I purchased a Maggard (MR2) razor and I found that it really did provide a good shave … and it was at least as close a shave as provided by my favorite Gillette. I found however that I wasn’t particularly crazy about the thick short handle of the MR2 … but I found that the 3-7/8″ long handle of the Merlur 23C worked very nicely with the Maggard head.

    Based on that experience I decided to buy the EJ DE89Lbl as well … thinking based on what I had learned from the Maggard that perhaps the EJ might even provide a better shave still. Interestingly that turned out not to be the case. The EJ is definitely the most beautifully finished razor on the market … its exquisite really (rather a show piece). But I found that it wouldn’t match either the Maggard or my Gillettes for a close shave … though it did provide a closer shave than the Merkut 23C.

    This whole thing was an interesting turn of events. There were some things I noticed from all this and some conclusions I came to finally.

    First I noticed that no vendor (save on the Maggard site) provided any kind of technical information on their razors other than size and weight information. The only site that offered additional technical information was the Maggard site … and there the blade gap information was provided. It was clear that every review I could find (regardless of site) did nothing really except express an opinion … but no one offered any kind of factual technical information as to why they thought what they did. And it struck me that the shaving industry operates much like the automobile industry … don’t bother the customer with any meaningful technical information … just focus on outward appearance and color. Don’t mention things like the timing mechanism is driven by a belt rather than a gear or chain and so will require an expensive replacement in less than half the time as a gear or chain.

    Surely razor manufacturer’s build their razors based on certain design parameters … but what are those parameters? Information of that type is hard to find … and I kind of suspect intentionally so. But two such parameters are weight and blade gap. From my research I’ve discovered that these two pieces of information are probably the two most important razor design parameters. To the question what makes a razor more or less aggressive? (where aggressiveness is directly related to closeness of shave) … aggressiveness is largely dependent on four factors. They are:
    1. Blade gap … the larger the gap (and therefore the closer the shave) the more aggressive the razor.
    2. Weight and weight distribution … the heavier the more aggressive the razor (and the closer the shave). The more the weight balance is toward the handle and away from the head the more aggressive the shave.
    3. Exposure … the further the blade tip protrudes beyond the line that a straight edge would make if laid on the head cap and the safety bar the more aggressive the shave (and therefore the closer the shave).
    4. Blade angle in the razor.

    Exposure and blade gap can be somewhat related. If the exposure on two razors is identical but the blade gap on the first razor is greater than on the second then it allows one’s skin the opportunity to come into greater contact with the blade of the first razor even though the blade doesn’t extend any further past “the line” on the first razor than it does with the second. So blade gap , among other things, also signifies a greater amount of a secondary type of exposure.
    I wasn’t able to find any information on design blade angle for any razor. But here’s what I was able to discover and the conclusions I reached due to this information.
    The Merkur 23C (2.2 oz) has a blade gap of 0.025 inches … which is less than the Maggard’s and EJ’s blade gap of 0.030 inches … and it also weighs less. This information alone I think accounts for the Maggard’s and EJ’s greator aggressiveness and closeness of shave as compared to the 23C. The Merkur 34C has a blade gap of 0.028 inches (2.7 oz). So it likely is more aggressive than the Merkur 23C but probably less aggressive than the Maggard (3.42 oz) or EJ (2.7 oz) and so probably won’t provide quite as close a shave as these.
    Since the Maggard weighs more than the Edwin Jagger it likely is more aggressive. But I discovered an additional bit of information that might further account for the Maggard’s closer shave and additional aggressiveness. If the head cap od the Merkur 23C and the Edwin Jagger are compared width wise by standing them side by side it is discovered that cap widths are identical. This likely suggests that they have the same exposure. If the Maggard’s head cap is compared to EJ’s head cap it can be clearly seen that the EJ head cap is wider than the Maggard’s. This suggests that not only is the Maggard heavier than the EJ but that is likely also has a greater blade exposure than the EJ … and so is likely more aggressive than the Edwin Jagger. This would account for the closer shave I obtained when shaving with the Maggard.
    Anyway … I’ve become so fond of the Maggard that I’ve bought another one for a friend of mine as well as a couple more MR16s for my two sons.
    The only aspect of the Maggard that might be considered to be a negative (though its not terribly important to me) is that prior to clamping the blade down to shave the blade alignment with the safety bar needs to be checked and if not parallel than it must be adjusted in order so that it is parallel to the safety bar. But this is something that can be done easily and quickly … so for me it really doesn’t constitute a problem.
    Bottom line is that while I now own a Merkur 23C, an Edwin Jagger DE89L, and a Maggard MR18 … the razor I shave with is the Maggard MR18.

  19. 5 out of 5


    After seeing this razor on You Tube I decided to purchase it ,what a great purchase!
    I purchased a “scratch & dent” model but this razor looks and performs like some of the “premium” brands!
    As a beginner DE shaver I wanted a good old fashioned value and Maggard delivers the goods!
    I have now become a big fan of Maggard razors.
    Maggard delivers the high life at reasonable prices.
    If you thinking about Maggard give them a will be a fan just as I am!

  20. 5 out of 5


    The MR18 is my first safety razor and I couldn’t be happier. I saw an article several weeks ago about the advantages of using a safety razor and started looking into them. I had ALMOST settled for an Edwin Jagger when I stumbled upon the Maggard’s site. After looking through their different options, I settled on the MR18. I ordered it and an Omega Hi-Performance Synthetic Bristle Brush.

    I placed my order and got an email confirmation almost immediately. In my excitement, I forgot to check about blades! When I asked if the MR18 came with blades, I was told it doesn’t, but they threw in a pack for free!

    I got my package yesterday (a day earlier than projected). When I opened it, I was VERY pleased. The chrome on the MR18 is very nice (they play it down in their write up, but any places where it’s mucked up isn’t noticable that I could see). The weight is very nice — a nice balance.

    After showering, I lathered up for my first shave ever with a safety razor. I was a little nervous but I didn’t need to be. It handled beautfully — no nicks, no cuts. There was some irritation on my neck, but I place the blame squarely on me. I have sensative skin and know its limits when it comes to shaving. Last night, however, I pushed that limit. This morning, though, there’s no irritation and my face is very smooth — MUCH smoother than when I shave with a Fusion.

    I’m VERY happy and I appreciate the quality of the razor and the quaility of the Maggard’s service. I will be buying from them again. HIGHLY recommended!

  21. 5 out of 5


    I own both the MR18 and the MR6B handles. If you feel the MR6B handle might be heavy for you, the MR18 is a little bit lighter. The knurling on the razor is nice and provides a good grip while shaving even when my hand gets wet. An overall good razor in my beginner’s opinion!

  22. 5 out of 5


    Great Razor. I got one for my wife and she did not cut herself up too bad. The long handle is good for ladies who shave in the shower and the knurling is great because it gives a good grip. Construction wise this is a solid tool. Very good heavy metal, nice plate. Head geometry, angle, etc feels very smooth. Very easy to change blades and align as well. Unbeatable for the price.

  23. 5 out of 5


    Works as a good razor should and at an affordable price too. The ideal beginner’s safety razor.

  24. 5 out of 5


    The razor has a nice weight to it, and I found it to be slightly more aggressive than my edwin jagger. The blade wiggle isn’t any worse than my merkur 37c. If the blade’s a little crooked, I just loosen the cap and straighten it a bit. The blade doesn’t move once the cap is tightened.

  25. 4 out of 5


    A great razor for those of you looking for a razor with a taller handle. I took one star off for the finish as there are nicer razors but none come close to the price of this one. Great starter razor!

  26. 5 out of 5


    A great razor at an affordable price. Beautiful handle that has the perfect weight when holding it in your hand. I’ve used Merkur HD, Slant, EJ, Muhle, etc and in my honest opinion this razor is as good as any of them but cost a fraction less. Perfect for beginning wet shavers or experienced shavers who look to add something new to their collections.

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