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Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR6 Stainless Steel Handle

4.87 out of 5 based on 45 customer ratings
(45 customer reviews)

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Stainless Steel Handle Safety Razor

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Product Description

The MR6 is a heavy, long knurled handle razor with a satin finish solid stainless steel handle.

Quality materials and a great price – it is difficult to go wrong with a Maggard Razors DE. These traditional double edge safety razors are ideal for the beginner, while seasoned wet shavers will appreciate the high quality handles and smooth shaving heads.


Heads: We now offer 4 different heads to choose from. Each comes with its own shaving characteristics.

  1.  The V3 Standard (2): This head is available in Chrome, Gray, or Black Finish. Best for beginners, this head offers a mild-moderate shave with excellent efficiency. Shaves just as well as many of the big name brands with no noticeable difference in quality
  2. The V2 Open Comb: Another great option for beginners, the V2 Open comb shaves nearly identical to the Parker 24C/26C heads. Super comfortable, and super efficient – this heads gives the results of the aggressive razors without any of the harshness.
  3. The V3A Aggressive: This head is available in Gray, or Black Finish. Enthusiasts and those looking for a more aggressive razor to plow through the toughest of beards may opt for the V3A – a highly efficient shaving head that offers plenty of blade exposure. With some time and skill we feel many will enjoy this head. Comes in a beautiful matte gray plating finish.
  4. The Maggard Slant Head: Released in September 2016, our new Slant Razor Head is a great way to try out a slant head design without breaking the bank.


Most of the Maggard Razors line come equipped with solid 303 stainless steel handles. The heads of the entire Maggard line are chrome plated cast zinc alloy.

Quality Control:
We have visually inspected every single razor for manufacturing flaws. Many heads we test fit a blade to ensure blade exposure and gap consistency. You won’t find any bubbled up plating or overly rough edges on your new razor. The heads thread smoothly, and on every razor we have shave tested, each one was consistent in shaving from both sides of the blade. We stand behind these razors – so if you find a flaw that affects your shave, simply contact us and we will resolve the issue!

Handle Compatibility:
Our safety razors use standard threading that is compatible with almost all other 3 piece razors (Edwin Jagger, Merkur, Muhle, Gillette, iKon, Above the Tie, just to name a few).

Shave with it, enjoy it, and remember, this is a budget razor! It is cheap enough to buy one for all of your friends and help expand our community. This is the reason we’ve made these available and the reason for their great success!

Additional Information

Weights May Vary
Assembled Razor weight

105 grams

Handle Length


Length Assembled


Handle Weight

74 grams

Handle Diameter


Blade Gap

.030 same as Edwin Jagger

45 reviews for Maggard Razors DE Safety Razor MR6 Stainless Steel Handle

  1. 5 out of 5


    First time wet shaver and I am very pleased with this purchase. Maggard was great at quick shipping and notification updates along the way! I got a DE MR6 stainless steel with an assortment blade pack to try out. Strapped on the Astria blades and loved it! Previously a Gillette fusion owner for years, and I will say I felt like my skin loved me more after using this razor. I managed to make it through without any cuts the first time and that’s a huge tribute to the youtube videos out there!

    I’d recommend this as a first time shave convert. Will be supporting Maggard razors again in the future

  2. 5 out of 5


    It arrived this morning I couldn’t wait I slapped in an Astra Stainlesss blade whipped up some Palmolive when I finished I took all my other razors and put them in storage because I’m never going too have to buy another razor in my life this razor is very well crafted with a good weight to it the ideal beginner’s razor for life

  3. 5 out of 5


    I bought the MR6 with the V3. It has very good workmanship. It has good feedback when you shave. It is a little too heavy for me.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Purchased the MR6 after much internal deliberation, with the V3, and I am so glad I did. Have only used a Derby blade, on this, for fear of irritation. I’m a tad cautious when it comes to a new setup. I am anticipating a Astra SP or a Voshkod will be excellent, in the head. The heft is perfect on this thing. I was surprised to see the handle was a bit shorter than expected, but the amount of control gained is top notch. Took to my face like a duck to water. Blade exposure is nice and even on both sides. No burrs on part connections. Keep up the great work Maggard.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I bought the MR6 with the V2 Open Comb head. I prefer short handles but the MR6 is the perfect long handle razor. I have a Merkur M180 Long Handle that I never use. The 180 has a hollow handle, it’s too light, has no balance. The MR6 has good heft, perfect balance. Don’t worry about the Open Comb head. It gives me a clean, smooth shave with no irritation. Typical Maggard: Very high quality. Excellent value. Great service.

  6. 5 out of 5


    This heavy handle with the maggard slant head gives a great smooth close shave.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Another winning handle from Maggard. The MR8, my first handle from them, is just too heavy and adds too much aggression to most head and blade combos. The MR3 is much easier to work with, but that very short handle is occasionally problematic as though maneuverable, it also makes it easy to end up with lather on one’s hand.

    The MR6 is in the sweet spot of the Maggard core lineup. (I liked some of the other Maggard handles, but they are not currently available, so I presume they are special editions or discontinued).The 6 is pretty long, but not too heavy, so no fatigue, and also no lather on the hands.

    The build quality of the handle was impeccable as is always the case with Maggards handles. (Their heads have the occasional QC hiccup, but their handles are solid as Gibraltar.) I use this handle partnered with the excellent Maggard Slant head and it is a nice match for that head, enabling a quick efficient shave without making the shave overly aggressive.

    My only complaint is that I wish Maggard would offer more matte finishes on all their handles instead of just one rather pricey model. The matte heads are very attractive and seem a bit mismatched on a regular stainless handle. I’m sure this would add to the price, but I hope Maggard will introduce the option anyway.

  8. 5 out of 5


    This being my first DE razor i really don’t have anything to compare it to other than the cartridge razors i ditched. There was a little learning curve for me but nothing major. The handle is well made and has a great weight to it. I got the V3 head since I’m a newbie but it has performed very well with no issues. I don’t have a thick beard so this is a great option. Still trying different blade brands to find a one that suits me. Shipping was extremely fast!
    Overall, great product and great experience. Will definitely return for more soap and other products. Thanks!

  9. 5 out of 5


    Very fast shipping! I ordered it on wednesday and it made it to my mailbox on the west coast by saturday morning. Appears to be high quality and the price point is a bargain. It’s heavy, twice as heavy as the one I’ve been using, and there’s a maple leaf on the tip of the handle that I thought was really nice. For a few years I had been using a merkur 23c, this is a nice upgrade and the v3 head has just about the same spacing I’m already used to. If this was available back then, I would have bought it instead. If you’ve been deciding on a new razor, this is a great model to consider.

  10. 5 out of 5


    Bought the MR6 just over a week ago. I could not be more pleased. I’ve shaved with a Murcur 36 for 7 years and it was time for a change. First shave, 3 minor nicks and a scrape, lol. Haven’t had a problem since. Slightly mor aggressive. However, the finish on this razor is much better than I expected. The weight is wonderful for me. I am completely impressed with this razor. I like it so much an am so pleased with the quality and value that I’ll be a returning customer. I’ve read and viewed some great things about Maggard. This razor surpassed my expectations by far. Great job! Keep up the great work. I’ll be back for more.

  11. 5 out of 5


    I have several Merkur razors. I have to say these Maggard razors are tops at any price!!! I plan to buy a couple more!

  12. 5 out of 5


    I tried the MR6 with the Aggressive V3A head. Wow. What a great shave! I had previously been shaving with a Parker 24C open comb that I had shimmed for extra blade gap. This razor gets just as close, but is a little smoother on the skin. The handle provides good grip and balance, and the only complaint is that the handle and head are different colors! The handle is stainless/chrome but the head is pewter/zinc. The first shave was with a Feather blade and I had no nicks! I found that it does not like Personna or Polsilver blades, but YMMV. If this had been the first razor I bought, it might have been the last (okay, maybe I have SRAD–shaving razor acquisition disorder). Possibly the best razor on the market under $50.

  13. 5 out of 5


    Purchased the razor because the (2) in my current rotation (Merkur 34C and Parker 82R) were no longer giving me the “close” shaves I had become used to so I decided to try an open comb head. The Maggard MR6 handle with the V2-OC head took care of that! What a shave. And I must say the quality of the handle and head far exceed what I currently own. Great product – great price. I will be trying the other Maggard styles – very pleased.

  14. 5 out of 5


    Best shave I have ever had. Has a great wieght to it and the length is perfect . Finish is flawless . I rank it right up there with my edwin jagger de 89. The quality of the mr6 is superior to my merkur 180. If ihad known about these razors earlier they would be all I have . The service of maggard razors is outstanding . I ordered on night of June 12th and recieved on Saturday 16th that morning wasn’t expecting that . The prieces are great to . So hats off to the maggard family and employees.for such great service. I will be buying more from maggard razors when my supplies start running low . Maggard razors are outstanding! Thank you maggard razor for outstanding quality products and services.

  15. 5 out of 5


    Really well weighted razor that gives excellent audio feedback with the V3 head. I used a Rapira blade this morning and got a super smooth shave with just 2 passes and no skin irritation. I am so happy with this razor. Great product.

  16. 5 out of 5


    One word: outstanding! Great finish, unbeatable price and oustanding customer service.

  17. 5 out of 5


    I just had my first shave with this great razor. Very close shave with the open comb. The razor has a lot of heft so it doesn’t require a great deal of effort to get a close shave.

    Great service, I ordered the razor on the after Thanksgiving Black Friday sale and I received it before the Cyber Monday sale began.

  18. 5 out of 5


    First razor I have purchased. If you are looking to start out wet shaving this is a great one to start out with. It’s a little heavy but not too bad. Would recommend 10/10

  19. 5 out of 5


    Although I’ve been DE shaving for a couple of years, I’ve only used TTOs till now. This is my first three-piece razor and I’ve only shaved with it once so far, but I’m impressed. The MR6 feels like a precision instrument in my hand. The shave was irritation-free with no nicks or cuts. The stainless steel handle is perfectly knurled and has a good heft to it. Cleaning and changing the blade will take some getting used to with the three piece but it’s not much of an inconvenience. This was a good purchase.

  20. 5 out of 5


    I ordered the MR6 back in May and wanted to test it for a while prior to writing a review. This is my first purchase into the foray of DE shaving. I have to admit I was a little anxious about trying it out, but went for it and was glad I did. I absolutely LOVE this razor!

    It has a solid heft to it and requires little to no pressure to get on of the smoothest shaves I have ever had. I have a full beard, so my impression may be a little different than another reviewer’s, but it certainly helps me keep my beard edged and kempt as never before.

    I would highly recommend this razor for newbies and long-time DE shavers alike!

  21. 5 out of 5


    I absolutely love this razor. It has become my daily driver for some time now. The heft of the handle and its length are perfect for me.
    A little history – when I first got this razor it had the V1.0 head and I had a hell of a time aligning the blade. I emailed Maggards and within days they send me the V2.0 head no questions asked and no fee. I was not expecting this and am more than super pleased with their product and service. The company has now a customer for life and I order all my shaving supplies here.
    Anyway – back to the razxor. I have tried it with many different blades and it does not seem to make a difference. I have always experienced good quality shaves with this razor. My favorite blade is the Astra SP and Rapira Blades. I can achieve BBS with a 3pass and touch-up just about every time. I will admit that some blades provide a slightly better shave than others, but this razor will handle t hem all. I would put it as slightly milder than the Merkur 34c but gives smoother less irritation shaves.
    I am 65 and have been wet-shaving off and on since 15 – so its been a while. i did go through the “newest latest and greatest GILLETTE razor” phase but didn’t really enjoy it Now that I’m wet-shaving exclusively with my Maggard MR6 it is a joy not a chore.

  22. 5 out of 5


    Fed up with the high cost of cartridge blades, I made the switch to wet shaving about a year ago. Like many others, I read the reviews and ended up the Merkur 23C (180) as it got great reviews for beginning DE users and had the longer handle for my big hands. I’m very happy with the Merkur head (great shave for me) but the handle left much to be desired as it’s thin, light weight and not well knurled.

    I debated dropping the bucks for a stainless handle but ended up getting a RazoRock Mission De ($20) as the handle got great reviews and the head got decent reviews. I put the Mission handle on my Merkur head and got a nice daily razor and delegated the Mission head on the Merkur handle to the travel case.

    Recently, I started searching for a stainless steel DE but was put off by the ridiculously high prices. During one of my recent Ebay searches, I came a cross a Maggard razor. Having never heard of them, I did some research liking what I saw ordered a MR6 Closed Comb on Monday evening. It shipped the following morning (excellent communications from Maggard) and arrived Thursday.

    The handle is excellent. Great weight and quality workmanship. The head is great as well. The plating is uniform and well done. I loaded it up with an Astra SP and gave it a whirl this morning. I rate it as just a bit more aggressive than the 23C. It is a very good shave but still very comfortable on the face.

    I’m working to convert some relatives over to wet shaving and will definitely get them a Maggard to get them started.

    Thanks for providing a quality product at realistic prices!

  23. 5 out of 5


    I recently ordered a Maggard MR6 handle along with the V2 closed comb head and I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with this razor.

    To put my comments into proper perspective, I guess I should tell you that, as I write this (in June, 2015), I am 59 years old and had just begun wet shaving last March. The razor I initially purchased was an Edwin Jagger DE89lbl. Online reviews and commentaries on razors not only recognized this a “good razor” but also noted that this razor is particularly friendly to inexperienced wet shavers. The DE89lbl is touted as being unusually forgiving of those bad strokes that typically result in nicks and cuts if delivered using other razors. I was motivated to shed as little of my blood as possible while developing my shaving skills, so I bought the DE89lbl.

    For the next 2 months, I experimented using a dozen different blades. I eventually decided that the two best out there for me using a DE89lbl are the Astra Superior Platinum and the Feather Hi Stainless (and the Merkur blade is pretty good too). Of the two, I prefer using a Feather blade in my DE89lbl.

    However, over time I came to feel annoyed with the DE89lbl’s design because of its short 3.5 inch handle length. It is not that I have large hands – I don’t (my hands are small) – but rather that I believe that principles of mechanics argue that good balance can always be achieved with a longer handle by adjusting where you hold the razor along the handle; a shorter handle may be more difficult for some to hold at a suitable (or “the right”) balance point. As a result, a longer handle razor offers potential for better control for ALL users, since the user is less likely to run out of handle real estate in the search for a comfortable balance when holding the razor. Certainly, some people will be delighted with a shorter handle and that is fine. But a longer handle cannot perform worse for anybody. That is just a matter of physical law. Regardless, the DE89lbl’s handle is just too short for my liking.

    So I tried buying a longer handle on and found the Apollo stainless steel handle. It seems nice enough, but the finish at the end of the barrel that screws to the razor head was jagged and seemed like it would cut into the chrome finish of my razor head. I tried to buff it smooth, but why should I have to go to such a bother?

    So I went back to the Internet in search of a good handle. Reading reviews, somebody suggested that the Apollo handle and the Maggard MR18 handle are highly similar if not identical in design, but that the Maggard M18’s finish is not only better, but the price is far more attractive ($16 instead of $25). So I tooled around the Maggard website and eventually settled on buying the MR6 handle which has the same 4-inch length that the MR18 offers. (It appealed to me that the MR6 has a slightly larger barrel diameter than the M18 does.)

    Athough the finish of the Maggard closed comb V2 head’s chrome is not nearly as nice (i.e, uniformly smooth and bubble free) as the Edwin Jagger DE89lbl’s chome finish is, the Maggard MR6-V2 closed comb delivers a far better shave than the Edwn Jagger DE89lbl. The Maggard with an Astra blade is noticeably superior to the DE89lbl with my preferred Feather blade. If I use a Feather blade in the Maggard, the superiority of the Maggard’s shave is greater still. I consistently get a close and comfortable shave with it and I have yet to experience a nick or cut or any irritation when using it. It is not just remarkable. It is astounding!

    Was it that my shaving skill has improved and I attributed the better shaves to the Maggard? No. If I go back to my DE89lbl, the nicks and irritation I occasionally experience continue to be occasionally experienced. The Maggard razor is simply better.

    And here I had been prepared to invest in a Feather AS-D2 razor at $175 (but there is that short 3.6 inch handle again) or an Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Barley razor (with the 4-inch long handle) at $140. But I am plenty happy with my $16 Maggard MR6 4 inch handle and the $7 Maggard V2 closed comb razor head combination and see no need to spend the money on either of these rather pricey razors.

  24. 5 out of 5


    I love this razor. Its between my Edwin Jagger DE87 and my Merkur 42C 1904 in aggressiveness. It has a nice balance and is a very pleasant razor to use. I like the handle length and knurling too.

  25. 5 out of 5


    Okay, so your looking at the Maggard MR6 and reading the reviews and thinking to yourself this sounds like a pretty good razor, well, you are absolutely correct, it is….. Or maybe you are thinking about a Merkur 180 or an Edwin Jagger 89 series, and looking at the MR6 and thinking with its heavier handle, maybe its a better option, you are absolutely correct because it is……OR, perhaps you are like I was when I first looked at the MR6 and are thinking that this handle would be a great upgrade on your E.J. or your Merkur, well you would also be absolutely correct, because it will, but do yourself a favor after you try the handle on your other razors and shave with the Maggard razor!!! Edwin Jagger razors are beautiful, well crafted razors and if you have a beard like mine, and love to shave, and shave, and shave, the E.J. maybe for you. On my face, the Merkur starts out great with the downward passes on my cheeks but after it breaks the jaw line it seems to start to loose its focus on the task at hand so naturally you think “sharper blade” and slap in a Feather Hi Stainless and go to work and it eventually gets the job done, but at a price, that price will become apparent to you, first, afterwards when you apply an alum block or aftershave to your face and, second, when you are buying blades. I find the Maggard MR6 slightly more aggressive than the Merkur, but not in a harsh R41 way, but in a pleasant one click up on a Gillette slim adjustable sort of way that allows this razor to do a great job with a good blade, Astra SP my personal favorite, and do it comfortablely and with fewer passes. The handle on this razor is the best heavy long handle I have found and the Maggard is a great razor and their customer service is absolutely the best in the business!!!!

  26. 5 out of 5


    Just made an impulse buy on three safety razors and this one was the cheapest of all and so I was not expecting much. When I received it, the first thing I noticed was the weight. This is a heavy but well balanced razor that allows me to play with angles and get a good shave. It outperformed the other two more costly razors which have now been put in the medicine cabinet. I am normally a straight razor person, but when I decide to use a safety razor, this is the one I reach for.

  27. 3 out of 5


    I ordered the clearance version so I expected it to be a bit rough. The initial thread on the handle had excess metal burrs that I had to grind down with a file and sand to prevent ruining my head threads. There were a couple of small dings on the handle that I was able to polish out no problem. I had to spend the majority of my time polishing and sanding the head of the handle where it meets the bottom of the razor plate to prevent marring and scratching the plating on the razor base plate which will eventually lead to rust. I also used an M5 bolt and toothpaste to clean out the rough threads on the handle to prevent damaging the threads on my Gillette Tech.

    The threads seem to be M5 and not 10-32 which I confirmed with an M5 bolt.

    The weight of the handle seems to be lighter than my weber bulldog even though Maggard specs show 76g gram for handle weight and my bulldog specs show 68g for their handle. I haven’t had a chance to put the handles on a gram scale to confirm. The knurling is less agressive than the weber but still provides adequate grip when wet.

    The head has issues with blade alignment and is already showing signs of plate wear, but I didn’t buy this razor for the head to be honest.

    Overall a good handle that can be a great handle with a little bit of elbow grease. This handle will work better with European M5 Threaded razors like the Merkur, Muhle, or Edwin Jagger. It will fit on the Gillette 10-32 heads, but it will be a bit loose until you tighten completely.

    This is worth it for the handle alone, just do some research and make sure it works for your requirements. I think I’m going to end up marrying this to a Lord L6 since I wasn’t aware of the thread size until I received it.

  28. 5 out of 5


    I’ve been using the MR6 for about 3 weeks now and I am more than impressed. It feels like I have an actual tool in my hand instead of a gadget. The weight and balance is amazing and I get a DFS or BBS shave every time, more often a BBS with no irritation even with a Feather stainless on it’s first shave.

    I was a little concerned going to a razor with a slightly longer handle since my other razors had shorter handles but the length is just right for me. The knurling is much grippier than I had expected. It is a nice looking razor but not fancy at all which is just fine with me since I don’t display my razors in a glass case on the mantel for the whole world to see. I actually use them for shaving.

    This is now my everyday razor. The only thing that may be better than the MR6 is the high level of customer service by the folks at Maggard. They are large enough to carry everything you need or want and small enough to get personal attention from the owners.

  29. 5 out of 5


    I have been using a DE razor for the last twelve years. I currently own a Futur, a M39 Merkur Slant, a Weber, and several others. The stainless handle MR6 I just received if tack on with my go to Futur (the 12 year razor) and my slant. Both offer perfect shaves. While I hesitate to rate a razor so quickly, this one is impressive: symmetrical blade alignment, nicely finished head (better than my other Maggards) and for me, a truly perfect amount of aggressiveness. The handle is perfect for me. Very grippy, solid, and just the right weight and length I like.

    I know it’s only aesthetic, but I love the maple leaf etching on the bottom.

    Thanks for an incredible product for the price!!!

  30. 5 out of 5


    I got an MR6, in Feb. It was my first foray into the world of DE razors, since back in the day. My research and arrival to Maggard was inspired by watching a fat and bald pawn broker hawking DE razors on TV. I am not an impulse buyer. Glad I found Maggard!

    As to the MR6, it has been a great razor. I got a sampler pack of blades, and eventually settled on Astra Platinum. When I grow a beard, it is bushy; damn near an afro; LOL. No two hairs grow in the same direction. No matter what the razor, I have to shave each area from 3-4 different angles. The MR6 does a great job and I love the weight.

    Since I know knife sharpening, from my days in restaurant business, I flip the blade; after each shave. This is similar to using a steel on a knife to turn the curled edge back. It makes a blade last a week. With my 100 pack of blades, I am good for two years…..

  31. 5 out of 5


    It’s nice and heavy and a good length. i have big hands and it fits perfect. a bit more aggressive than my edwin jagger and left me with some irritation at first but after a few shaves I’ve gotten the hang of this razor. shaves very well.

  32. 5 out of 5


    Awesome razor. I love the heft and the way it feels in my hand. The razor is on the milder side, which I really like. I ended up purchasing 5 of these for my groomsmen in my upcoming wedding. Great razor at a great price. I highly recommend this razor to beginners and experienced wet shavers alike. Keep up the good work!

  33. 5 out of 5


    I have got to confess that this is THE best razor that I have – even better than my Edwin Jagger Barley. First, I want to make mention about the service from this company…too notch! I had my order in a very short time from the time my razor was to be shipped (shipment was sent out on a Monday and it was waiting for me on Thursday when I got off work).

    Needless to say that I was very excited when it arrived along with both my Arko soap and Razorock alum block that I purchased from Amazon. After showering, I dropped in a fresh Astra SP blade, threw on some Rise non-foaming shave cream and then lathered up with Van Der Hagen soap on top. It was the best shave that I have ever had. The blade feedback was better than my Jaggy and the heavier weight of the MR6 provided better control. I am so glad that I have found out about these razors while lurking on shave forums. The razors excel in performance compared to the price. I will certainly be ordering from this company again. I am already eyeing the MR18c, but have been looking at the MR20 to take over for my Edwin Jagger. What ever you do, if you are looking to purchase a razor, please do not pass this line of razors up. I believe that you will be satisfied as I am.

  34. 1 out of 5


    Everytime I put in a new blade I almost slit my hands open trying to line things up. Then I slit my neck open because the blade is at a slant. Not my cup of tea and I am going back to something else. Waste of money for me. Good service though.

  35. 5 out of 5


    Fantastic razor, well worth the money. One of the heaviest DE razors I’ve ever used. Marvelous with feather blades.

  36. 5 out of 5


    This is an excellent razor. Well plated, heavy(the heaviest DE I have ever used), and a smooth shaver. IMO this razor rides a line between mild and aggressive that is just about perfect for my needs. Could not be more happy with my purchase. Thanks, Maggard!

  37. 5 out of 5


    I had a travel tech DE as my first razor. The issue i always had w that one was that the handle felt way too light so I came across this one and saw how chunky looking and the hefty weight of this one, all the positive reviews – i went ahead and pulled the trigger. My package came super fast, and when i opened it up my first impression was that it was way too heavy (mind you only comparison was the travel tech that is an aluminum handle) The plating looked great and everything was in order. So I went ahead and did a first shave. Amazingly I didnt feel i had to manipulate the head the weight of the razor did all the work. This razor isnt super aggressive like a red tip, so definitely a good place to start for any beginner! I love this razor, it is my main staple when im not straight shaving and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! All the best shaves to everyone…cheers!

  38. 5 out of 5


    Amazing razor and value for the price!!! Like it just as much as my Muhle , EJ and Merkur razors…The heaviest razor I own and it just shaves absolutely beautifully!!! You will not regret buying this razor!!!

  39. 5 out of 5


    Fantastic razor at a great price! Has given me the closest shaves than any previous ones that I have had. Has good weight to it and feels great in your hand when shaving. Service from Maggards was great to. Will definitely buy from them again. Would reccomend this or any Marrgard razor to anyone wanting quality at a resonable price.

  40. 5 out of 5


    Incredible razor and even better service! I bought these for my groomsmen and had them in my mailbox two days later. For the price, I expected something cheap, but what I got was a very well made, good looking item. The weight is very nice too!

    I will without question shop with Maggard again in the near future. Thanks for all the help!

  41. 5 out of 5


    this is my first safety razor and i am in love. the only thing that i would like better would be butterfly opening but that is a small detail. if you are looking for a good razor look no further!!

  42. 5 out of 5


    Recently, I started back using DE razors. I haven’t used a DE razor since high school so it has been awhile. I made a purchase of an inexpensive Chinese-made DE razor and started using it to re-familiarize myself with using DE razors. The quality of the Chinese razor is good and after using it a while; I wanted to go with a heavier razor. I came across your razors on ebay, and then your web site. The MR 6 is a beautiful, well made heavier razor. It gave me a nice shave and I am quite happy with the purchase. Even though there is a little adjustment to the MR 6 compared to the previous type I purchased, I know that it is a razor that I will own for many years to come.

  43. 5 out of 5


    So I own a Merkur 23C/180, an Edwin Jagger DE89L, and a couple of vintage razors that are too sentimental for me to shave with on a daily basis. I was unable to get a close shave with the Merkur. My EJ’s handle is too short for me and although I could get a close shave with it, I had to make three passes and do blade buffing. I was saving up for a UFO handle when I started to look into the MR’s.

    When my MR6 showed up, I was immediately impressed with it. The finish is very much on par with Merkur. My MR head delivers a decent shave that is very close to what I can get with the Edwin Jagger. I’d recommend the MR line of razors to anybody just starting out, and for many this will become their one and only razor.

    I ended up swapping the MR head for my EJ one and got the closest and most comfortable shave I’ve ever gotten with two passes. To top it off, I was using a Derby blade. I normally use Feathers.

  44. 5 out of 5


    This is an excellent razor and for the price it can not be beat! nice and heavy and it glides over my face when using feather blades. I have been using this for several weeks now and the quality is better then some more expensive ones I own. The customer service can not be beat and my order arrived in a timely fashion. Thanks for the great buying experience. I cant wait to do business again with you guys!


  45. 5 out of 5


    After spending some time considering purchasing an Edwin Jagger razor, I ran across Maggard razors online and decided to give one of them a shot. This was my first Maggard razor purchase, and it did not disappoint!

    First off, this razor is HEAVY. It’s probably the heaviest safety razor I’ve ever used. It’s got a nice, long handle, too. Most of the weight is in the handle–I’ve used more evenly-balanced razors, but this was not necessarily a bad thing. Just depends on what you like. It’s also pretty easy to grip–it’s on par with most vintage Gillette razors in its knurling. I would probably prefer if the knurling was even deeper, but I’m not complaining.

    I loaded it up with a Feather blade and got to shaving. On my first pass with the grain with this razor, I’d already gotten a pretty good shave, and I had four-day stubble! After the second pass across the grain, I was respectable. After my third pass against the grain, all it took was a few touch-ups until a perfectly smooth shave. I managed to give myself one small weeper on my jawline, but it was my own fault. It was worth it for such a smooth shave, though. I probably got a smoother shave than I’ve ever gotten from most vintage Gillettes. This razor is slightly aggressive, especially because it’s so heavy, but it’s not so aggressive that it’ll slice you up or easily give you razor burn. It’ll give you a smooth shave without irritating your skin.

    The finish was great–there was one small flaw under the head that did not affect performance in any way. The rest of the finish was beautifully shiny. The head screwed down tight, and the blade was centered perfectly. At this price, this razor was worth every penny. Thanks, Maggard!

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