Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head Standard V3, Matte Black Finish

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Plated Zinc Alloy

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Product Description

We’ve leveraged our buying power to bring a mild-moderate aggressiveness head, perfect for beginners and experienced wet shavers alike,  at a ridiculous price.

This finish is a proprietary plating like very few on the market.  It is durable and beautiful all at the same time.

  • Highly accurate geometry
  • Consistency from head to head
  • Gorgeous, nearly flawless plating

With a moderately aggressive but comfortable shave, this is a great option for beginners trying out a DE razor for the first time.  Shaves just as well as many of the big name brands with no noticeable difference in quality.

Materials:  Plated Zinc Alloy

Standard M5 x 0.8 threading

Warranty:  6 months from date of purchase

Additional Information


This head has the same specs as the chrome V3 Head. See the picture of the Spec Sheet

1 review for Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head Standard V3, Matte Black Finish

  1. 2 out of 5


    This will be the first poor rating I have given to a Maggard product. This razor actually gives quite a nice shave. I would say right in the middle of aggressiveness. Kinda the sweet spot. But… the blade end tabs stick out of the sides of the head, that is a non starter for me. That’s a slice across the finger tips waiting to happen. A better choice in my opinion is the Maggard slant head for 20 bucks. I have one. It is an awesome razor.

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