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Maggard Razors Shaving Brush Handle Only, 25mm, 27mm, or 29mm – Sandy Pearl Base Color


Handle Only
Made in China

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Product Description

Solid Multi-color Resin handles with a Sandy Pearl color theme.  These are hand-made handles (not machine made).

Handles will be selected at random.  Keep in mind these are hand made and colors will vary.

-Handles are drilled 17mm DEEP.

NOTE ON SIZING:  You’ll need to measure your knot at the largest diameter in order to determine what handle to buy – and keep in mind that the visible adhesive plug is typically NOT the largest diameter.  Feel up the base of the knot and many times, a few millimeters above the plug will be the largest diameter point in your knot.  That’s the number you’ll need to ensure is less than the handle size you purchase.

The only way we can guarantee, 100% that a knot + handle will fit together is if they are purchased in the same order.

Recommended handle sizes for knots (not guarantees):

SHD Fan:
24mm SHD Fan Knot:  27mm Handle
26mm SHD Fan Knot:  29mm Handle

SHD Bulb:
24mm SHD Bulb Knot:  25mm Handle
26mm SHD Bulb Knot:  27mm Handle
28mm SHD Bulb Knot:  29mm Handle

Silvertip Badger:
24mm Silvertip Knot:  25mm Handle
26mm Silvertip Knot:  27mm Handle
28mm Silvertip Knot:  29mm Handle

2-Band Badger (Bulb or Fan):
24mm 2-Band Badger Knot:  25mm Handle
26mm 2-Band Badger Knot:  27mm Handle
28mm 2-Band Badger Knot:  29mm Handle

Mixed 70/30 Badger/Boar:
24mm Mixed 70/30:  25mm Handle
26mm Mixed 70/30:  27mm Handle
28mm Mixed 70/30:  29mm Handle

Timberwolf Synthetic:
24mm Timberwolf Knot:  25mm Handle
26mm Timberwolf Knot:  27mm Handle
28mm Timberwolf Knot:  29mm Handle

Beige Synthetic:
24mm Beige Synthetic:  25mm Handle

Brown Synthetic:
24mm Beige Synthetic:  25mm Handle
26mm Beige Synthetic:  27mm Handle

Black/White Tip Synthetic:
24mm Black/White Tip Knot:  25mm Handle
26mm Black/White Tip Knot:  27mm Handle
28mm Black/White Tip Knot:  29mm Handle

Standard Synthetic Knots:
22mm Standard Synthetic Knot:  25mm Handle
24mm Standard Synthetic Knot:  27mm Handle
26mm Standard Synthetic Knot:  29mm Handle




Additional Information


25mm (22-24mm Knot size), 27mm (24-26mm Knot Size), 29mm (26-28mm Knot Size)


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