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Maggard Razors TTFFC 6/8 Square Point Straight Razor, Blade Only

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Made in Michigan

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Product Description

For customers who want to scale their own razor, this 6/8 blade is offered at an exceptionally affordable price.  This blade ships with the bevel set, but not shave ready.

James Arman, one of the most experienced razor smiths in the USA, has begun producing straight razors for Maggard Razors.

With thousands of razors under his belt, Arman’s production quality is of the highest caliber.  Individually hand crafted, they are consistently ground, heat treated and tempered using proven techniques.

The 6/8 Blades have the following features:

Quarter-Hollow Ground on a 8″ contact wheel
O-1 Carbon Tool Steel
61 HRC, Triple Tempered
Satin Finished
1/16″ pivot hole

1 review for Maggard Razors TTFFC 6/8 Square Point Straight Razor, Blade Only

  1. 5 out of 5


    I purchased this 1/4 hollow 6/8th over a year ago and made the scales for it out of Rosewood, which turned out extremely well I thought. I spoke with James Arman after he called me back and was extremely helpful, explaining he had used tape setting the bevel, so unless I wanted to reset the bevel to use tape to hone it. Although I do not on any of my other razors, I did on this Arman using a 4000/8000 Norton and a Naniwa 12000, then finished with green Chromium Oxide. Using it in what I have boiled down to my favorite straight razor 8 day rotation, this is the only razor I have not had to hone in over a year and it has become one of my favorites for the great close shaves it provides. I do have an old man brissily beard, but it even has a little touch of singing with a closer shave than any of my full hollows, a closest 2nd to my Dovo 1/2 hollow. .Thanks again Brad!
    Garry Swain

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