Maggard Razors Blade Bank Used Blades Lifetime Wall Slot

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Etched Solid Stainless Steel plate, 4 screws, 5 anchors.

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Product Description

Years ago, medicine cabinets would have a slot cut in the back of them for used razor blades.  You’d knock a hole in your wall, install your medicine cabinet over top it, and drop blades into your walls for years and years.   This is a simple, efficient solution to the sometimes annoying problem of safe disposal of old blades.

We decided to come up with a way to add a slot to your bathroom wall so worrying about used blades is a thing of the past, and add a great conversation piece to your bathroom!


1 x Solid Stainless Steel plate, etched with “FOR USED BLADES”

4 x  #8×1″ Flat head Stainless Steel screws

5 x  #7-9 anchors (Drill size: 15/64″) – we include one extra just in case.


Installation takes just a few minutes.  To be perfectly honest, the anchors are probably optional.

Instructions for Installation

  1. Use a stud finder to ensure you pick a spot well between two studs.
  2. Use a level to verify placement of the wall plate.
  3. Mark the wall
  4. Remove the plate again
  5. Grab a 15/64 Drill bit
  6. Drill the 4 screw holes, tap in the 4 supplied anchors
  7. Cut out the blade slot in your drywall, ensure to cut it larger than the marked area
  8. Clean up any excess drywall and screw on the plate with the supplied Stainless Steel screws!




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