Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head Standard V3, Anodized Multi-Colored Finish

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Plated Zinc Alloy, Anodized

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Product Description

We’ve leveraged our buying power to bring a mild-moderate aggressiveness head, perfect for beginners and experienced wet shavers alike,  anodized and polished to the nines at a ridiculous price.

  •  highly accurate geometry
  • Consistency from head to head

With a moderately aggressive but comfortable shave, this is a great option for beginners trying out a DE razor for the first time.  Shaves just as well as many of the big name brands with no noticeable difference in quality.

Materials:  Zinc Alloy, Chrome plated, Titanium Anodized.

Standard M5 x 0.8 threading

Warranty:  6 months from date of purchase

Additional Information


This head has the same specs as the chrome V3 Head. See the picture of the Spec Sheet

2 reviews for Maggard Razors Safety Razor Head Standard V3, Anodized Multi-Colored Finish

  1. 5 out of 5


    I experienced a serious misalignment problem with a multi-colored razor from a different company. They refused to deal with the issue so I threw the razor in a drawer and forgot about it. Then I found the multi-colored head on Maggard website and decided to give it a try. It has been a pleasure to us and actually rivals the comfortable shaves I get from my treasured vintage Gillette tech razors.

  2. 4 out of 5


    I was looking for a mild head for cleanup passes after initial passes with a more aggressive razor. Some research led me to the V3. Once I decided on the V3, it was a no-brainer to choose the “Multi-Color” version. The photos don’t do it justice. The titanium anodizing is breathtaking to look at. I paired it with the blue-anodized MR11 handle and it is a real looker.

    However, it wasn’t all happiness and light when I actually used it for my first shave. There is a slight misalignment issue that exposes a bit more of the blade on one side (~ 0.4 mm). This makes that side of the head more aggressive. I’ve tried to adjust the blade, but it shifts when the head is tightened down. I eventually swapped the V3’s top cap with a top cap from a generic Chinese DE razor and the blade aligned without any extra fiddling. It appears that my V3’s top cap might be a touch crooked. A production glitch seems likely considering that the head was very securely-packed. There is no indication that it was damaged in shipping.

    However, now that I know about this issue, I can actually take advantage of it by using the aggressive side for my initial passes, then switching to the milder side for a cleanup pass. I doubt that this was intended, but it seems to work for my purposes.

    So, I’m giving this head 5 stars just for the titanium anodizing, but subtracting 1 star for the blade misalignment problem. Maggard Razors isn’t at fault for this shortcoming. I think that we can lay the blame on whichever OEM made this particular head.

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