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Martin de Candre Shaving Soap Samples


1/4oz Sample Size of Martin de Candre shaving soap

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Saponification made with heat action, in the traditional way in Martin de Candre atelier, with 100% vegetal and potash oils. Thanks to its 40 years of experience, they guarantee a perfected process. This process allows excellent keeping of the soap without needing any conservatives. A luxurious, efficient and long-lasting product.

NOTE:  Martin de Candre Soaps are extremely hard, and tend to “crumble” due to their extreme density and lack of water content.  This means a sample of MdC might last 10+ shaves; but, it’s a challenge to transfer it from your sample container into the bottom of a bowl/mug.  This CAN be transferred with some effort.  Just pack it down hard onto your mug/bowl with the back of a thick/sturdy spoon.

Each container is hand packed by a member of Maggard Razors.

Each *1/4 oz jar will be filled approximately to the bottom of the threads.  The sample will be enough for several shaves!

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Original, Agrumes, Fougere, Rose, Vetyver


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