Merkur 30c Black Resin Handle Closed Comb DE Safety Razor

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Made in Solingen, Germany

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Product Description

The Merkur 30c has an unusual, deeply grooved, high quality, black hard resin handle that feels just right in the hand. The handle is short,  and topped off with a chrome plated metal knob with the Merkur logo which is an excellent counter-weight to the head.

1 review for Merkur 30c Black Resin Handle Closed Comb DE Safety Razor

  1. 4 out of 5


    First, I want to start by saying that I didn’t actually purchase this razor from Maggard (mostly because I was unaware of Maggard at the time of purchase). However, I wanted to add some information in order to help inform potential buyers of this product.

    In the product description, it mentions the handle being a resin. That’s not true. The handle is in fact metal with a black coating.

    The razor has a nice balance to it but it’s on the lighter side of the spectrum, which I will get to later. The knurling is great and the razor never slips even when my hands are wet and soapy. The shave itself is similar to other Merkur razors as it shares the same head, perhaps not as hefty as a 34c due to the lighter handle.

    Total Length: 87mm (3.25″)
    Total Weight: 60g (2.17 oz.)
    Handle Length: 78mm (3.125″)
    Handle Weight: 31g (1.09 oz.)

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