Mongoose Razors MinGoose Satin Finish Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor

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Product Description

** The Mingoose has gone out of production, and Mongoose has no plans to bring back.  We have a fairly large stock, but, once depleted, it will never return.  Snag one before they’re gone forever!

This is a smaller head that takes the Schick / Personna injector-type blades, for those who wanted a narrower profile or love the injector blades. We made the handle a little shorter (bulldog style) to match the look and feel – it’s 3 1/4″ long.

It’s a great little razor – all the quality and performance you’ve come to know from Mongoose, but in a smaller package!

  • Bulldog Style Handle
  • Machined Stainless Steel
  • 2 piece single edge head
  • Accepts Schick / Personna injector-type blades

Additional Information


Handle length – 3 3/16″
Handle diameter – 12.94mm
Handle weight – 2.4 oz
Head weight – 1.2oz
Total weight – 3.6oz
Total length – 3.5″

3 reviews for Mongoose Razors MinGoose Satin Finish Stainless Steel Single Edge Razor

  1. 5 out of 5


    INTUITIVE & PRACTICAL. Best wet shave experience I’ve EVER had.
    First, a little background: I have owned all 6 of ATT’s stainless steel DE heads, in both standard safety bar and open comb, using A plethora of different brands of blades, settling ont Feather. Both types have 3 graduated blade gaps: (“H”=.92mm), (“R”=.58mm), and (“M”=.25). This is quite significant, because the heads are only coded by ATT’s alpha-nomenclature on their back in tiny font. HERE’s a fun fact: one drop of water on the letter “H” distorts it enough to look like the latter “M”. This can quickly turn your sink counter into a DELI counter.
    After years of razor burn and prosciutto-sized tokens of my ineptitude, I ran across a review for a Mongoose II. The commenter suggested that SE blades, being slightly thicker and stiffer than DE blades, flexed less and improved the blade’s performance over sensitive skin. The Mongoose II’s flat side, when dragged flat across the skin, guided the user to using the perfect angle. Both of these points’ relevance have been quite evident, as I now have perfect shaves with the Mingoose whether I’ve gone 1 or 5 days without a shave.

    I was actually lucky Maggard had no Mongoose II’s in stock when I stumbled across their site. While AC-width SE heads are wildly popular, I ONLY see Schick-width SE blades available at brick-and-mortar stores. With this Mingoose, I have access to blades in a pinch, whereas AC-width SE guys are SOL. The over-the-counter Schick’s are OK, but by FAR: Pro-Line “B-20” blades from Japan have delivered luxurious performance!!

    I had a local metal shop flatten the butt of Ikon’s 67mm “Tuckaway” handle, so I can free-stand it upright on a hotel sink counter and not catch the herpes of a thousand guests. It’s stance is even sturdier when on Maggard’s MR3 handle. This is the smallest and BEST wet shaver I’ve owned.

  2. 5 out of 5


    First run with this razor today. Using a new Personna 74 that was corked before first use. I have a 1st batch Mongoose, so I am familiar with the essentials of the shave. The razor is much smaller and nimble .. but with some heft to it (being all stainless construction). I wasn’t sure about the handle length .. it’s much shorter than the other ‘Goose’ handles .. but it’s a perfect fit. Aggression is there, but nothing scary. BBS with 2+ passes. Very nice razor!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I bought this MiniGoose SE Razor a while ago waiting for the right time to use it. Well… The other day I took it out loaded with a Ted Pella blade., The shave was one of the very best I ever had. Minigoose shaves very efficiently. I did not hardly feel the blade. Nice weight in the hand.& nice solid feel. I Love it!! (VLS)

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