Boker Classic 5/8 Black Straight Razor 140207, Professionally Honed


Round Point, Full Hollow Grind

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Product Description

I have professionally sharpened each of these razors and performed a shave test.  These razors are SHAVE READY.  The razor will be pre- stropped and oiled – just wipe off the oil and shave!!!

Note: These are honed to order, there will be a brief delay in shipping in order to prepare the razor.

These razors are the least expensive models that Boker offers.  Made in Germany, they do not sacrifice quality.  Scales are dark gray plastic.

Includes:  Razor, Coffin Box, Instructions/paperwork.
Description from Boker:

the Classic line are new to the product range of the Böker knife manufactory. These entry-level models allow us to bridge the gap between an affordable pricing policy and our very high quality standards, which cannot be compromised. The result is a shaving knife with an outstanding price-performance relationship. Böker Classic shaving knives feature 5-8 inch blades with rounded head. The blade is made of carbon steel (very good edge-holding, not stainless) and has a pronounced hollow grind with wall. Handle scales are charcoal-colored and moisture-resistant. Fully hand-made in the Böker manufactory in Solingen. Incl. authentic Böker branding along the blade joint. Shipped with certificate of authenticity in historical packaging.


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