Oleo Soapworks Sandalumo Artisan Shaving Soap, 4oz

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Artisan Made in Chicago, USA

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Product Description

A sharp sandalwood blend, mellowed out with oud and a hint of smoke

FO Scent Notes: Hawaiian Sandalwood, Purple Sandalwood, Oud and Smoke

A traditional hot process handmade shaving soap formulated especially for wet shaving poured into low profile container to allow for easy brush loading.

(This product requires a shaving brush)


Canard Base: Stearic Acid, Water, Kokum Butter, Potassium Hydroxide, Palm Kernel Oil, Duck Fat, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Jojoba Oil & Sodium Lactate

1 review for Oleo Soapworks Sandalumo Artisan Shaving Soap, 4oz

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is an excellent soap base! So slick and creamy. It can take water too. Excellent glide for the razor.

    This is also a soap that doesn’t take as much product to get a good lather either. Many soaps like me to dole out 1/4 tsp for 4 passes of lather, but with this one, I ended up with about 7 passes for that much. So I can probably get away with using about half as much product per shave!

    Not a typical sandalwood scent here. Maybe Haitian sandalwood is a little different. Smells warm and a little spicy. I can’t really pick out the oud, but I can smell the smoke from the dry sample I had. At my ratios, it was not strong in the lather form, but it was plenty enough to enjoy during the shave.

    A scent some could use year round, but to me, especially suited for fall and winter.

    I really enjoyed it.

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