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OneBlade Core Pivoting Single Edge Razor, with Feather Blades and Aluminum Stand


Pivoting Single Edge Razor

Made in the USA!

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Product Description

The perfect intro to wet shaving. Proven to eliminate bumps, nicks, razor burn and irritation for every face and skin type.

It’s the most intuitive single edge razor on the planet. Features the highest grade polymer on the market, which translates to an ultra-durable and affordable option.



OneBlade CORE Razor   
    FEATHER FHS-10 Blades, 10-Pack (Get 2-3 Shaves Per Blade)
Anodized Aluminum Display Stand
  • ENGINEER-GRADE TRITAN™️ HANDLE – No-slip, lightweight and durable – built to last forever.
  • PIVOTING HEAD DESIGN – Easiest patented single-blade razor on the market.
  • QUICK-LOAD BLADE SYSTEM – Easy loading system. No screwing, turning or injecting.
  • STAINLESS STEEL ROD CORE – Sturdy and weighted for perfect balance and control in your hand.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Proudly manufactured and assembled in San Diego, California.


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