OneBlade Hybrid Pivoting Single Edge Razor, with Feather Blades and Aluminum Stand


Pivoting Single Edge Razor

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Product Description

Precision meets affordability with the HYBRID. Featuring a military grade stainless steel head with a Tritan and stainless steel handle specifically designed for durability, ergonomic comfort and control. OneBlade is the ultimate shaving experience, guaranteed for life. Proven to eliminate bumps, nicks, razor burn and irritation for every face and skin type. It’s the most intuitive single edge razor on the planet.


QUICK LOAD BLADE SYSTEM – No need to take anything apart. Easily slide in a blade until it clicks. Machined to +/- 0.05mm tolerance. Optimal blade exposure and angle.

OPTIMAL PIVOT – Just the right spot for maximum performance. Teflon coated stainless steel spring.

ENGINEER-GRADE TRITAN – Lightweight polymer selected for its durability.

SOLID STAINLESS-STEEL CORE HANDLE – For the perfect weight and balance in your hand.


    The OneBlade HYBRID offers a closer, more refined shave while still delivering an irritation-free shave, thanks to a single edge razor blade. Each blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel, coated in platinum, and is twice as thick as the average double edge safety razor blade. This translates to an ultra-sharp, yet smooth and comfortable blade.


    The OneBlade HYBRID delivers a close comfortable shave without a steep learning curve. The HYBRID’s pivoting head adapts to the curvature of your skin so that you can get the right angle on every part of your face. The forgiving, yet precise razor head cuts at the skin level, not below, delivering an irritation-free shave, meaning no nicks, razor burn, or ingrown hairs.


    Each HYBRID guaranteed for life. The HYBRID is created using the award-winning GENESIS Razor stainless steel head and the CORE Razor polymer handle, made with engineering-grade Tritan. The result is a razor with the shaving benefits of the GENESIS Razor head at a significantly lower price.


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