Parker SRB Replaceable Blade Shavette, Black Handle

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Replaceable blade Straight Razor

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Sporting a polished black acrylic handle, this Parker replaceable blade straight razor eliminates all of the maintenance of straight razor shaving.  Uses standard double edge blades, cut in half .  You can cut them with a cheap pair of scissors, while the blade is still in the wrapper.

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2 reviews for Parker SRB Replaceable Blade Shavette, Black Handle

  1. 5 out of 5


    Excellent shavette and at only $20 this thing is cheap as chips. In saying that though, the quality of the shavette is equally excellent and nothing like I anticipated. It has a decent weight to it and coupled with the nice textured surface to grip the shank and tang, it added confidence to every stroke. After shaving with a Dovo Solingen straight razor and having to hone and strope it regularly, its nice to just pop a blade in and get my shave on! I’ll admit shaving with a straight razor and a shavette like the Parker SRB have their differences keep in mind that these two razors are worlds away in terms of price.

    Would I recommend the Parker SRB? Hell yeah I would! Combined with a good pre-shave butter, soap, and aftershave (I prefer the non-alcohol variety) you’ll walk out of the house feeling like a million bucks.


  2. 5 out of 5


    A nice little shavette for $20. I like that it doesn’t have those little plastic sleeves that I would probably lose or break, so that’s a plus. It just uses half a DE blade and gives a nice close shave. I find it to be a little more aggressive than a DE or a traditional SR, but doesn’t need any of the honing and stropping of a SR. The scales (handles) are plastic, but seem to be decent quality. Its not a $100 shavette but I sure enjoy using it.

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