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Reuzel Blue Water Soluble Strong Hold Pomade, 4oz


Handmade in the U.S.A.

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Product Description

Got the blues? It’s not our fault. Open up the tin. Doesn’t that smell nice? Reuzel Blue Pomade is perfectly blended with a subtle warm vanilla scent.  Use this strong hold pomade for thick hair to create exaggerated pompadours or to tame the most unruly hair.


  • Holds like a heavy, but rinses out like a gel
  • Natural oils create a polished look for any style
  • Calming vanilla wood smell

Easy to wash out, but strong as a bear, Reuzel Blue Pomade retains its pliability throughout the day, without hardening or flaking away.

Tips: Dig out a couple knuckles-worth and rub it good and hard between your palms. Apply this high shine high hold pomade to damp or dry hair, starting up top and working towards the front, liberally coating everything. Finish by combing hair into your desired shape. Look at that, you’ve tamed the savage beast.



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