Shapton Diamond on Glass Lapping Plate, DGLP


Made in Japan

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Product Description

  • DGLP Shapton Glass Stone sharpening system

    Shapton® has utilized a great deal of input from our customers from all over the world to create this system. Clean, uniform and fast, the Glass Stone™ system will save you time and dramatically improve your results.

    The foundation of this completely new technology is our Glass Diamond Lapping Plate

    Dimensions; W 3″, L 10″, H 15/16″

    Weight: 800 grams

    Shapton has pioneered a totally new concept for diamond abrasive technology. Marrying microchip production methods with diamond abrasive technology, Shapton® has built the worlds first diamond on glass lapping plate.

    The substrate for these plates is created from specially prepared float glass. Each substrate is tested for flatness and microscopically small defects before it’s surface is embedded with diamonds.

    The result is a flattening plate with a production deviation of ± 5 microns!

    What does this mean for the user? Uniformity across the surface of every sharpening stone. Sharpening can progress without concern for uniformity because every stone flattened with this plate will be extraordinarily flat.

    Even the walls of the groves on these plates are embedded with diamonds, this creates a very durable edge.


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