Simpson Wee Scot Best Badger Shaving Brush, 13mm

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Hand Made in England

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Product Description

The smallest brush that Simpsons make, irresistibly engraved with the company founder Alexander Simpson’s signature and filled with Best Badger Hair.

The Wee Scot was produced initially to test the craftsmanship & dexterity of the knot bundlers. All of their skills would be needed to produce a perfectly formed but ever so small badger knot. Today the Wee Scot is still made by those painstaking methods but do not be kidded by the miniature nature of this little diamond, this brush will still deliver a wonderful lather & satisfying shave.

Wee Scot approximate brush specifications:

Overall brush height – 68mm
Handle height – 30mm
Knot loft – 38mm
Knot diameter – 13mm
Weight – 19g

Additional Information

Measurements May Vary
Total Height






Handle Height


Handle Waist


8 reviews for Simpson Wee Scot Best Badger Shaving Brush, 13mm

  1. 5 out of 5


    I know this sounds like a broken record given the above reviews BUT…you won’t believe how SMALL this brush is until it arrives. It is the size of your thumb and it is a bit scratchy until it gets broken in (15 shaves) and then it is as soft as butter. It was first made as a test for Simpson brush makers but when a few got out the shaving public clamored for them. Why would you want this diminutive little toy brush you might well ask? Well here are my reasons:

    – it’s cute, I mean golden retriever puppy playing with a 2 year old child cute
    – it’s on the shaving bucket list (great for a comparison picture next to your RazoRock Monster or Hulk)
    – wonderful travel brush as it can travel in a pill bottle with holes drilled in it and weights almost nothing.
    – it works VERY well without wasting soap or splattering and you can place your lather with perfect accuracy
    – it’s about the cheapest brush Simpson makes ( much cheaper than my Simpson Chubby)
    – unlike my Chubby (and my Golden Retrievers) the Wee Scot has yet to shed

    It only holds enough soap for two passes and that’s because I soften my water with a pinch of citric acid. If your water is very hard and you don’t soften. you make be going back to your puck more often, but still you won’t end up squeezing a large glob of unused soap out of the bristles after the 3rd/4th pass when you go to clean it.

  2. 4 out of 5


    You know this thing is small, but when you open the box you’ll be surprised just how small it is. I bought this only because it’s so cute. It’s fun to use and does whip up a good lather. Minus one start because my Duke 3 BB is super soft and this Wee Scot really seemed scritchy to me.

  3. 5 out of 5


    When does size not make a difference?.. When it’s a Wee Scot! After you’ve used this brush you’ll wonder why you would need anything bigger

  4. 4 out of 5


    This is actually a pretty good brush despite it’s small size. I like the size of the bristles and it makes it easy to apply cream under my nose. The handle wasn’t a problem at first, but after using it exclusively for several weeks, the handle started to feel too small. I’d like to find a brush with a similar brush size but on a more average handle. Worst case scenario is that it’s a great travel brush.

  5. 5 out of 5


    i have only two simpsons brushes, this and the special. both are excellent brushes,and I can’t imagine parting with either. as everyone says, the first thing you will notice is how small this thing is, but dont let the size deter you. this is one of simpsons cheapest brushes, but it is fantastic! it has a special kind of charm visually, but it is also a spectacular performer. I absolutely love this thing. it fits in a pill bottle and is perfect for traveling as well as daily use. you may not appreciate the brush the first few times you use it, but after a couple uses and you try one of your different brushes, you may feel that your other ones are way too big. this has the perfect amount of scrub. it is made for face lathering, don’t bother trying to use a bowl, its just a waste of cream

  6. 5 out of 5


    Simpson’s Wee Scot is a gem. High quality bristles, nice handle. A must have.

  7. 5 out of 5


    My favorite brush by far. Even after reading many reviews, I was surprised at how small this brush is — about the length of my pinky finger….. but it’s the perfect size. Makes tons of lather, has lots of backbone, works well with creams and soaps. Perfect for travel, too — I put it in a small Rx bottle, and put it in my travel bag. Drys very fast.

  8. 5 out of 5


    The first thing you will notice is how small the box is that the Wee Scot comes in. The next thing you will notice is how tiny the actual brush is once you open the box!

    Don’t let the size fool you, this brush is high quality and can hold a lot of lather. I use a scuttle and it does a wonderful job building the lather as well.

    If you want to jump into the world of Simpsons, and don’t have the cash to spend on their bigger brushes, give this one a try!

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