Through the Fire Fine Craft T-Bucket Artisan Shaving Soap, 5oz

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Made in Michigan

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You could drive your Model T with its wooden spoke wheels and a top speed of 40 miles-per-hour, or you could mod it and have a ’26 T-Bucket.   Based on the two-seat body of a Model T Roadster, the bucket shape body shell is at the heart of this hot rod style.  Barely containing the raw power, or cooling the large V8 engine, the iconic Model T radiator is wedged between the front frame rails teasing you to think this is a Ford Jalopy.

Our ’26 T-Bucket is formulated with coconut, tallow, soy, and Abyssinian oil to provide the perfect lofty, thick lather you have come to expect from Through the Fire soaps.

The scent is a classic, vintage, and aromatic Fougere with lavender, sage, and lemon mixing with cedar, carnation, bourbon geranium, oakmoss, and musk.   Slip back to the Roaring 20’s with all the modern engine power you can handle with our ’26 T-Bucket and bring along the matching aftershave for the ride.

Formerly named: “Cut throat”

1 review for Through the Fire Fine Craft T-Bucket Artisan Shaving Soap, 5oz

  1. 5 out of 5


    Cut Throat. My first TTFFC soap. Great scent-lemon, lavender, oak moss. A very good soap-slightly soft but definitely not a croak. Great lather after 45 seconds, good slickness-not pasty, good after shave feel. No complaints. I’ll buy the line again. A good find.

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