Vie-Long 12750 Butterscotch Handle Horse Hair Shaving Brush

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Made in Spain

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Product Description

Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Butterscotch Handle. Uses Natural Unbleached Horse Hair In The Approximate Mix Of 35% Mane Hair & 65% Tail Hair.

Valencia, Spain

Approximate Dimensions:





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Measurements May Vary
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3 reviews for Vie-Long 12750 Butterscotch Handle Horse Hair Shaving Brush

  1. 2 out of 5


    I had the same experience as Hellwitz (above). This brush while aesthetically pleasing started losing hairs from the first shave and never stopped. I’ve kept it in my medicine cabinet as a poignant reminder of how “all that glitters, isn’t gold”.

  2. 2 out of 5


    A few years ago I needed a shaving brush, I had decided on a horsehair brush from Vie-Long after leaning about the way the badger bristle was obtained. My first brush from them was excellent. Not so with this one. The low review is because of the quality for the price. This is NOT a review of Maggard. I will post a follow up when I receive a response. Stay tuned… See below.

    Here’s what I recently sent Vie-Long Company in Valencia Spain.

    “3 years ago a bought a Vie-Long horsehair shaving brush. I was very happy with it, aesthetically and functionally. Unfortunately a few months ago I was shaking the excess water from it and it crashed onto the tile floor and the handle broke. It was still usable but awkward. I finally got around to replacing it about a month ago but I had trouble finding the exact replacement. I found what I thought was the same model from Maggard Razor in Michigan, USA (Model 12750). When it arrived the brush looked the same but was a bit smaller than the one I bought a few years ago. There was a bad smell when I began using it which I don’t remember happening with my first horsehair brush from you. I considered returning it but after about a month of use the smell, while sill detectable, has considerably lessened. More importantly though, after just of couple of weeks of use the bristles began falling out. It’s so bad now that every time I shave 10-20 bristles are in my sink. The more I use it the more they come out. I’m sure if I contacted Maggard they would replace it, but I feel it is important to contact you to let you know of my extreme disappointment having previously been using a horse hair brush from you that was of very high quality, only to replace it with one from your company of similar cost with these unacceptable deficits. I hope that you can tell me that this was the result of an anomaly and your brand is maintaining the high quality that your company’s reputation deserves. If not, I will be using a different brush in future. Please advise. Thank you.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I recently started trying out the hard soaps after spending years using only creams and croaps, and I wanted something a bit stiffer than my Simpson Commodore x3. Boar brushes do not hold water that well, so I did some research and stumbled upon this horse hair brush. After using it about a dozen times I am happy to report that I am a big fan. I’ve been using it on Reef Point and Sir Hare’s and it does a good job of retaining water and giving up the lather when I need it to. It has most of the stiffness of boar along with most of the water retention of badger. Best of both worlds I suppose. Mine had the usual smell for the first few shaves, but it has mostly worn off. I didn’t pre-clean it like others have posted. All in all, this is a great addition to the collection and I’m surprised these don’t have more of a mainstream presence like the badger and boar.

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