Vintage ca. 1900 “The New Gem Razor” Lather Catcher Single Edge Safety Razor, with Strop Machine


Vintage Razor

ca. 1900

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This razor has not been cleaned – it is in AS-FOUND condition.  I did not want to degrade collectible value.

This is a ca. 1900 safety razor (likely produced between September 1900 and early 1901).  This Gem razor pre-dates the first Gillette safety razors that came to market in 1903/04 by several years.

Originally, these shipped with (I believe) 2 wedge-style steel blades.  The blades are missing in this set, as is the leather strap that was used to hone said blades.
Included is:

– Razor with original wood handle
– Palm Stropping insert (fits into bottom of wood handle)
– Shaving soap stick case
– Stropping machine (would hold the blade and you’d use a leather strap through the machine, pulling it back and forth).

The box is pretty huge, measuring 7.5″ x 6″ x 2.5″.  The insert that holds the razor and strop machine does move around a bit (adhesive is no longer holding it in).

This razor can be loaded with a typical Single Edge spine-back blade and used, if you so desired.

Safety razors from ~1900 don’t come up often.  Here’s your chance to own a piece of history!

PLEASE closely look at pictures as what you see is what you get!   Questions?  ASK US!


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